August 29, 2016

Download Tweakware V3.5 with Etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat

Download Tweakware V3.5 with Etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat

will try my possible best to make this very brief and precise,Etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat is back and better with latest tweakware V3.5, how then can you set up your tweakware for etisalat free browsing cheat.

Tweakware VPN which is no doubt one of the most popular and most used VPN apps for android. it afford users the opportunity to access restricted sites, and of course the app is more affordable and mostly used for free browsing tweaks.

tweakware V3.5

The latest version which is tweakware v3.5 can be used with etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat and as you know, the etisalat cheat has been on for a while now, with one app or another from psiphon handler to droid vpn, and of course now back to the latest version of tweakware.


1. Download and install Tweakware V3.5 Apk Android App from the link provided below,.
2. launch the app and Go to settings
3. Click on Bundle settings
4. Then click mark Enable Bundle settings
5. Now click on Select bundle settings
6. After which you select Etisalat 0.0kb (NG) from the list of free browsing options
7. Finally, go back and connect.

You will see successful handshake and It will connect immediately. Thereafter you can start enjoying your etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat .

The new version of this app actually fixed some bugs which was experienced in former version which gave users access to almost free premium account, however with this you may have to go premium but not to worry there's a solution for here.

However you need to know that upon using the free account you are restricted to just 200mb of daily usage, but not to worry, you can bypass that, see how to use tweakware without the daily limit.

Click here to download tweakware apk or below.
Infinix Note 2 Lte (H533 B1, X600 ) Stock ROM Download link

Infinix Note 2 Lte (H533 B1, X600 ) Stock ROM Download link

You are definitely at the right post if you are looking for infinix Note 2 LTE (H533 B1 X600 ) Stock rom which is the surest way to restore your device back to factory default, back to how the company actually produced it or should i say to its original form if there's anything like that.

As you all know, we provide you links to different rom for your device but then we aint the developer of such rom, today we will be giving you infinix note X600 stock rom download link and how to flash it withing few sec.

You might be wondering, why do i need to download or flash infinix note 2 lte stock rom when i have the new XOS V.2.0, well let me help you out there, despite the company made several updates available for its note 2 users, most people still feels they are just not good enough.

How to flash infinix note 2 lte stock rom

But more importantly and quite unfortunate for some, while they were trying to flash some of this roms they ended up bricking their devices either by not carefully following the instructions strictly or by flashing a wrong rom, so today if by chance you fall into any of this categories, this post is definitely for you

How to flash official infinix note lte stock rom and also Stock ROM download link for infinix X600. well i would rather advice you kindly and strictly follow this tutorial carefully.

Disclaimer; this site and its developers are not responsible if you should brick your phone in the process, ensure you are conversant with flashing custom roms and also using SP flash tool before carrying out this process

Requirements to flash infinix X600 stock rom

  • The first thing you need is sp flash tools, which is known to infinix users as Infinix Flash tool: download here
  • Another which you sure need isInfinix Drivers or should i say usb drivers : download here

How To Flash Official Infinix Note 2 Lte X600 Stock ROM

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the required drivers as provided above (likewise the ROM below should be extracted before flashing)
  • After which, launch the Infinix flash tool
  • Click on "browser" then locate and select scatter file from extracted folder
  • Power off your infinix smart phone and connect it to PC via a USB cable, then click on "download"
  • you should see a yellow OR green bar running below, wait till it gets to 100%, do not disconnect nor tamper with the USB cable while flashing is in progress.
  • once done, you should see a green good mark symbol like the one in the screenshot below
infinix note 2 stock rom
  • after which disconnect your USB from phone and reboot your device, one thing you should consider is that first boot takes up to 5mins.

See download link for the stock rom below and dont forget to drop your comment

Download the official stock ROM X600-H533-A1-M-20160720V17
Download the official  stock ROM X600-H533-B1-20160720V17
UK regulator to monitor WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook

UK regulator to monitor WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook

You would recall we brought to you an article on how to stop whatsapp from sharing your contact with Facebook which seems like the best and easy way to protect your contact from being shared with Facebook.

well according to an article by Reuters, it said that the UK regulators has concluded plans to monitor how the popular messenger company WhatApp's shares data with Facebook under its new privacy policy.

WhatsApp's data sharing with Facebook to be monitored by Uk regulator

(Reuters) - Britain's data privacy regulator said on Friday it would monitor how popular messaging service WhatsApp shares data with parent Facebook Inc under a new privacy policy.
The Information Commission's Office (ICO) said while some users may be concerned by the lack of control provided by the updated privacy policy, others may consider it a positive
WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook

The company has said its new policy to share user contacts with parent company Facebook is done in a bit to allow for more relevant advertisements and friend recommendations on the social media network.However, the ICO does not have the power to block such a move

While this policy will stand and remain, users can still opt out of the policy by giving their disapproval so as to ensure there data are not being shared with Facebook..

Monitoring such activities is a good move, in its bit to protect its citizens data from being wrongfully shared online, however the Organization does not have the power to block such moves.

While this is done in the Uk, we do hope our government would pick a thing or two from such move to ensure its citizen information are well protected against any forms of violations online.

interestingly, you can check here on how to stop the giant social messenger from sharing your data with its parent company.

August 27, 2016

Download Pes 2017 ( Pes 17) ISO For Android With PPSSPP Gold

Download Pes 2017 ( Pes 17) ISO For Android With PPSSPP Gold

Pes 2017 ISO For Android is now available for download despite not being officially launched, you sure can enjoy this game with ppsspp emulator which we sure will provide both download links later in this article.

Interestingly, this game was announced as far back as May 2016, and its said to be released on 13 - 15th September 2016. however how it came to be that the iso file for android with ppsspp became available is a misery we cant explain, but what we can tell you is, you can now download.

With this you now have series of soccer games to choose from, ranging from fifa 16, down to Pes 2016 which we provided links to download and of course to my most recent FTS 17 which has however became my favorite android football game.
Download Pes 17 ISO For Android

Who knows maybe when i finally decide to give PES 17 ISO for android a try, i just might fall in love with it, but i doubt it will beat FTS 17 in terms of game features, however in terms of graphic, you might want to give it to Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

PES 17 For android promises to change your gaming experience with its newly improved graphic, passing skills, real touch ball control and of course improved goal tending techniques, well you can be rest assured of the download link later in this post.

Without wasting much of your time, shall we quickly move to its features..
PES 2017 ISO


Features Of  Pes 17 For Android

  • Improved passing
  • Real touch ball control
  • Improved goal tending techniques among several others....

Tools Required

Below is the download link for the emulator required to tun successfully any iso android games which is PPSSPP

Screen shots below...

How to Download and install Pes 2017 ( Pes 17 ) ISO PPSSPP For Android

  • first before we begin, you will need to download and install the game from the link provided below
  • once installed, download and install PPSSPP gold from the link above.
  • after which you move the downloaded Pes 2017.iso to your android SD card >>PSP>>GAME folder.
  • after which you launch the PPSSPP gold which you downloaded from the above link and click on the option "find games" input pes 2017 and tap on it .

password to unlock the file, use this password PESFUXION2016-17

Download PES 2017 for android or click below to download
How To Root Infinix Hot S And Port TWRP Recovery

How To Root Infinix Hot S And Port TWRP Recovery

Today we will share detailed tutorial on how you can root your infinix hot s and port TWRP Recovery on same X521, the device which runs on android 6.0 marshmallow with infinix customized xos rom out of box making it a bit difficult to root but hey, don't be scared, it definitely can be rooted.

We just must acknowledge the brains behind most of this rooting guides and that's no other but hovatek team they have proved very useful overtime, providing series of stock roms, and of course porting most of this rom thereby making it possible to root or flash.

Disclaimer; this site and its developers are not responsible if you should brick your phone in the process, ensure you are conversant with flashing of TWRP and SP Flash Tool before carrying out this process.
Having acknowledge the disclaimer, shall we then proceed, this guide you are about to read will give you easy procedure on how to root infinix hot s and port twrp recovery, all you need do is follow eash and every steps put together, and ensure you are calm while doing so.

how to root infinix hot s

You must have been wondering, why root your hot s, why port twrp recovery, well i will sure try my possible best to ans that in its simplest form, rooting your phone gives you administrative privileged, thereby allowing you to uninstall any of the pre installed apps that you are not using, it also afford you the opportunity to customize your hot s to your taste.

Porting Twrp on infinix hot s on the other hands allow you to back up your full and complete rom for safe keeping, which means at any point in time you can simply flash back your previously backed up rom to either recover your phone or whatsoever.

Requirements you must certify To Root Infinix Hot S And Port TWRP Recovery

There are few things you must have before you can root your hot s, what and what are those things?? kindly see the list below.

If you however have previously flashed any rom with sp flash on your computer, then you do not need 1 - 3, you do need 4, but if you are a novice to this, biko download and install all and follow the instruction to the letter.

However before you can root the hot s, you must have ported twrp recovery to it, which then allows you to boot into the recovery mode with which you can then root.

How to port TWRP recovery to Infinix Hot S X521

  • Before we begin, it is important you download and extracted the files provided above.
  • after which you locate the folder you extracted the SP flash tool to, it should look like "open flash_tool.exe" and launch it,
  • Once the SPflash tool is done loading, click on the download/broowse file then locate and select this scatter file MT6753_Android_Scatter.exe.
  • Now power off your phone, click on "download" tab in the SP flash tool and after which connect your device via USB cable to PC.
  • While flashing is in process, do not tamper nor disconnect the USB connection while flashing is still in progress
  • Once the flashing process is done, you will see a green good mark symbol like the one in the caption below

how to port twrp recovery to infinix hot s

Once done you disconnect your device from the USB cable and boot into TWRP recovery by pressing and holding volume down + power button simultaneously for 5secs.

Congratulations! you have successfully ported twrp to your Infinix Hot S, now you can proceed to root your device

How to root Infinix Hot S X521

  • First, download superSU file and move it into the internal storage of your hot s (don't place it in any folder at all, just in your internal memory)
  • Thereafter, switch off your android device and boot it into TWRP recovery mode by pressing and holding volume down + power button simultaneously.
  • While in the recovery main menu, select Install, then locate and select the superSU file you placed in the root of your internal memory, select yes to flash.
  • Once the flashing process is completed, go back to the recovery main menu and click on "reboot".

Congratulations! you have successfully rooted your Infinix hot S X521, you can confirm your root status by simply downloading root checker from playstore.

how to port twrp recovery to infinix hot s

If you do have any feedback whatsoever, do make use of the comment box below and I will get back to you shortly. You can download apk below.
How To Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Contact To Facebook

How To Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Contact To Facebook

How To Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions, WhatsApp recently upgraded its terms and privacy, giving it full access to your contact, thereby sharing your phone contact with its other half social network Facebook, as we all know that both company is now owned by Facebook.

The newly introduced terms and conditions that are being sent across to all it users, comes with a clause which most people do not understand what truly this terms and conditions are all about. in the nut shell, it gives full access to Whatsapp giving away your contacts to Facebook, interestingly you can Opt Out of this Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions

However there's a way to actually stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Phone Contact To Facebook, how then can one go about this? well you don't have to be that scared, thou you be sharing your contacts with Fb but your chats are still encrypted but then we still cant guarantee 100% safety.
Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions

In fact, nothing is 100% safe online, we all just must be careful, having said this, If unknowingly you already had agree to this new terms and conditions, whatsapp will have the right to upload all your contact and i mean all your contact to facebook, and this numbers will be used to send targeted ads to there users..

How To Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions:

  • Launch your updated WhatsApp application, you will see a page that asks you to tap agree on new terms and privacy policy on the screen 
  • Tap Read, Thereafter 
  • Uncheck Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook.

However, if you have already agreed to this terms and conditions already and wish to opt out, you can still do so by following the steps bellow.

Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions

How to Opt Out Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions For iOS users: 

  • launch your WhatsApp 
  • Go to Settings > Account. 
  • Uncheck Share my account info. 

How to Opt Out Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions For Android users: 

  • launch your WhatsApp 
  • Tap the three dots icon on the top-right. 
  • Tap Settings > Account. 
  • Uncheck Share my account info.
Just have i have stated above, opting out from whatsapp new terms and conditions dosnt literally means your contact are 100% safe, the company may still go ahead to share them with FB, but by doing so you at least gave your opinion known that you disapprove the company from sharing your contact.

August 25, 2016

Download PES 2014 Full Data For PC - See How To Install

Download PES 2014 Full Data For PC - See How To Install

How To Download and Install PES 2014 Full Data For PC, don"t be scared it seems we are turning a game addict recently, the point is i value my time when am less busy, so i sure enjoy play one or two games during my free time.

Recalled we sometimes not too long ago published an article on Pes 2016 for android with PPSSPP in which we provided both download links, well this wont be an exception, as we all know that Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 marks a new beginning for Konami’s blockbuster soccer series.

which comes with an all-new engine allowing every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be totally reworked to produce a game much closer to the excitement and variety of a top-level match. today you can download the full data file of the Pes 2014 Pc version.

You might be wondering why Pes 2014 for Pc, well this post was based on demand, we received some request as regard the download link, so we thought we should bring it forth today, you can as well make your request by either dropping via comment or mail

In addition to noticeably improved graphics and seamless animation, Pes 2014 for Pc boasts a central core that perfectly mimics the skill and awareness that elevates the world’s greatest players above their peer. see screenshots below

PES 2014 Full Data For PC
Download PES 2014 For PC
Download PES 2014 For PC

While Fifa 16 as for a while been my favorite soccer game on android, that am afraid may have changed after my series of encounter with the new FTS 17 for android which beats the Fifa 16 hands down, in my view with far better graphic and of course you get to play full manager mood with no single lag.

Dont let me bore you with my gameplay on that, lets quickly move straight to the Minimum System Requirements required to run the Pes 2014 smoothly.

Recommended system requirements

  • Operating System: Win Xp 32, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Graphic Card: GeForce 510, Radeon HD 5450 512MB
  • Graphic Card: GeForce GT 440, Radeon HD 5550 1024MB
  • CPU: Pentium D 820 2.8GHz, Athlon LE-1640
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80GHz,
  • Athlon II X2 255 RAM: 4 GB HDD: 10 GB DirectX: 9.0c
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HDD: 10 GB
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Download Links For PC PES 2014 Full Data

Download Links for PC Pes 2014 RELOADED (5.12GB) 

Part 1 - 1GB 
Part 2 - 1GB
Part 3 - 1GB 
Part 4 - 1GB
Part 5 - 1GB
Part 6 - 122.17MB
Update v1.01 (RELOADED)

Download Links for PC Pes 2014 BLACKBOX REPACK(2.9GB) 

Part 1 - 1GB
Part 2 - 1GB 
Part 3 - 899.29 MB

How To Install PES 2014 For PC 

STEPS For Reloaded,

copy crack from crack folder in disc and overwrite the ones in Installation folder

For Blackbox, no need for crack, just install and run!.. enjoy don"t forget to download file below
LG V20 Becomes The First To Run Android OS 7.0 Nougat

LG V20 Becomes The First To Run Android OS 7.0 Nougat

LG V20 is one of the very latest smartphone from the well known company and am sure LG needs no introduction from us, the device is said to be a big rival to the hottest selling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when released.

Interestingly, the LG V20 will be officially launched on 6th of Sept. and it is believed to come pre installed with Google latest smartphone OS which is no other but the mighty Android OS 7.0 Nougat plus the first to ever feature 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC capabilities

This was made however made known by Google in one of their recent updates, according to the update, it noted the LG V20 to be a rival to watch out for and also that the device will come with much advanced features as against any other smartphone around

LG V20 Becomes The First To Run Android OS 7.0 Nougat

LG V20 is gonna be the direct rival to latest Samsung flagship device, the Note 7 but the V20 will definitely prove superior in one aspect and that is the software. While it is coming with Android 7 straight from the box, it will take the Galaxy S7 about two to three months before the Nougat updates starts rolling out.
LG V20

LG on their official website also reiterated that the device would give users more enhanced features needed to feel just the passion it deserves.

This next LG V-Series smartphone gives you the enhanced features you need to feel the passion, seize the moment, and immerse yourself in the world around you—making it another amazing display of innovation from LG. Source : Lg Official website
The LG V20 not alone will it come pre installed with Android OS 7.0 Nougat, the device will also feature a 5.7 inch full HD Display, Protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, accompanied with a very enticing 20 MP, laser auto-focus rare camera, LED flash, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector, and of course it would come in two variants, that of  32/64 GB, 4 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6 GB RAM.

On a final note on this device, it is also said to come with fingerprint scanner giving it the best and secured way to protect your privacy, also to my best feature of ever on this device, maybe is because i come from a place that electricity seems to be much a something we dont get always, well the deviece will come with a huge 4000mAH battery giving you long lasting usage.

August 24, 2016

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Picture, Reviews, Price and Spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Picture, Reviews, Price and Spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos, review, price in Nigeria and of course price, yes you read right we will try as much as possible to give you as many unboxing images as we can, recalled not too long ago we brought the unboxing of tecno camon C7 to you, well relax and fill your eye before you rush to purchase.

You might be wondering what is it that we actually want to unbox about the hot 4, and why do i need to purchase one when there are several others quite cheaper than this, well maybe i should begin with a little intro of the device spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Reviews and Spec.

The Infinix Hot 4 is one coded smartphone from infinix, which came with less publicity however with some nice enticing spec, unlike what we are used to on the hot series, the hot 4 comes with a huge 4000mAH battery, giving the like of hot 3 and hot 2 a chase for their money.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos

Not alone does it come with such huge battery, it also is the first hot series device to feature a finger print sensor, giving you absolute privacy over any forms of intrusion into your device, with this only your registered finger thumb can be used to unlock. well we wont be dwelling much on the spec here as we want to take you round the infinix hot 4 unboxing photos you can however check here for the full spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos and Purchasing Price

shall we begin with the phone in the carton....

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos
Merely looking at that it kinda looks cool and of course enticing, fitting right into it,  Opening it up wow... giving you that feeling like you need to purchase asap!! well there she is with so much calmness...
Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing

Powering it up to set up is as easy as it can get, you actually don't have to sweat a thing

Infinix Hot 4

 Without wasting much of your time, shall we just skip the whole talky thing and show you the rest of the photos..

Infinix Hot 4 Spec

Infinix Hot 4 Spec

Infinix Hot 4 duel sim

2 Major Reasons Why You Should Purchase The Hot 4 Over Hot 3

Hey friends, believe me, the infinix hot 3 is such a nice phone, but having this around will definitely put an edge on this over it, if you already bought the hot 3, you can skip this part as am trying to talk with that fellow who is bent on choosing either the Hot 4 or the Hot 3. yes You!!!!

Aside from the hot 4 being a successor of the hot 3, it also comes with few added features that arent on the former. One and most important to me is the huge 4000mAH battery.

Infinix Hot 4 battery

with this you are rest assured of a long lasting usage on your smartphone, as a matter of fact, a single full charge can sure last you up to 48hrs on an average use and of course up to 24hrs on a heavy usage. while this is much a thing to me, however it isn't to some, but hey, if you are that selfe lover then you better don't go for this and stick with your hot 3 as this comes with just 8mp rare camera and 5mp front facing camera however with a flash.

Second major point or feature this device as that makes it a bit boss over the hot 3 is its added finger print sensor, just as i stated above, it gives you absolute privacy, which only your thumb can unlock, of course unless someone cuts off your hands, your device cant be unlocked by an unauthorized personal
Infinix Hot 4 Fingerprint Scanner

On a final note, the device is live and of course available for purchase on jumia store, and it sure retails for N36,900.
Infinix Hot 4 Price

There you have it, after your purchase you should consider downloading fts 17 on it and enjoy the best football game on android ever. see here to download.
Download Opera Free Unlimited VPN Version 2.2.1 For Android

Download Opera Free Unlimited VPN Version 2.2.1 For Android

Opera Free Unlimited VPN App finally made available for Android users after months of introducing same app to iOS, the company made this known just recently that it has released for download its free vpn app for android users.

According to the Opera, they noted that their vpn is quite different from any other vpn app around, in which they will be offering a totally free, unlimited and of course login free app for android which means users do not need to worry about having to create or upgrade an account. see statement below.

Opera Free VPN For Android

“The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service­ without a data limit, no log­in required, advanced Wi­Fi protection features and no need for a subscription,” says Chris Houston, the president of Opera’s Surf Easy VPN division, in today’s announcement.


Opera Free Unlimited VPN App For Android

With this, users can now download Opera Free VPN For Android with no such restriction, for those who actually do not know what a vpn is, well it means Virtual Private Network and is it used to add privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and among several others.

VPN literally allows you to access restricted websites from any internet enabled device, it also allows easy means of changing your location for access to whatever you want to access. an example of such made available for download over time are Psiphon, Hotspot shield vpn, droid vpn among other.
Opera Free VPN For Android

Now that Opera as joined the league you can download Opera Free Unlimited VPN App For Android from the play store with no limits, or check below for download link. however the company noted that ads will be served in exchange for making the app totally free for its users.

This information is made available to third parties who are interested in better understanding the mobile ecosystem and how it’s evolving. It’s important to understand that this is not data about what you do with your phone, but rather this is data about how a large group of people use their phones.
In the actual sense they get to make their money from the app by making it free while serving you ads, well not that bad thou, as most free vpn around actually does that, you cant expect a totally free app afterall money is being pumped into developing .

Click to download Opera Vpn for android or Click Below link to download the apk.