August 24, 2016

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Picture, Reviews, Price and Spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Picture, Reviews, Price and Spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos, review, price in Nigeria and of course price, yes you read right we will try as much as possible to give you as many unboxing images as we can, recalled not too long ago we brought the unboxing of tecno camon C7 to you, well relax and fill your eye before you rush to purchase.

You might be wondering what is it that we actually want to unbox about the hot 4, and why do i need to purchase one when there are several others quite cheaper than this, well maybe i should begin with a little intro of the device spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Reviews and Spec.

The Infinix Hot 4 is one coded smartphone from infinix, which came with less publicity however with some nice enticing spec, unlike what we are used to on the hot series, the hot 4 comes with a huge 4000mAH battery, giving the like of hot 3 and hot 2 a chase for their money.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos

Not alone does it come with such huge battery, it also is the first hot series device to feature a finger print sensor, giving you absolute privacy over any forms of intrusion into your device, with this only your registered finger thumb can be used to unlock. well we wont be dwelling much on the spec here as we want to take you round the infinix hot 4 unboxing photos you can however check here for the full spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos and Purchasing Price

shall we begin with the phone in the carton....

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos
Merely looking at that it kinda looks cool and of course enticing, fitting right into it,  Opening it up wow... giving you that feeling like you need to purchase asap!! well there she is with so much calmness...
Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing

Powering it up to set up is as easy as it can get, you actually don't have to sweat a thing

Infinix Hot 4

 Without wasting much of your time, shall we just skip the whole talky thing and show you the rest of the photos..

Infinix Hot 4 Spec

Infinix Hot 4 Spec

Infinix Hot 4 duel sim

2 Major Reasons Why You Should Purchase The Hot 4 Over Hot 3

Hey friends, believe me, the infinix hot 3 is such a nice phone, but having this around will definitely put an edge on this over it, if you already bought the hot 3, you can skip this part as am trying to talk with that fellow who is bent on choosing either the Hot 4 or the Hot 3. yes You!!!!

Aside from the hot 4 being a successor of the hot 3, it also comes with few added features that arent on the former. One and most important to me is the huge 4000mAH battery.

Infinix Hot 4 battery

with this you are rest assured of a long lasting usage on your smartphone, as a matter of fact, a single full charge can sure last you up to 48hrs on an average use and of course up to 24hrs on a heavy usage. while this is much a thing to me, however it isn't to some, but hey, if you are that selfe lover then you better don't go for this and stick with your hot 3 as this comes with just 8mp rare camera and 5mp front facing camera however with a flash.

Second major point or feature this device as that makes it a bit boss over the hot 3 is its added finger print sensor, just as i stated above, it gives you absolute privacy, which only your thumb can unlock, of course unless someone cuts off your hands, your device cant be unlocked by an unauthorized personal
Infinix Hot 4 Fingerprint Scanner

On a final note, the device is live and of course available for purchase on jumia store, and it sure retails for N36,900.
Infinix Hot 4 Price

There you have it, after your purchase you should consider downloading fts 17 on it and enjoy the best football game on android ever. see here to download.
Download Opera Free Unlimited VPN Version 2.2.1 For Android

Download Opera Free Unlimited VPN Version 2.2.1 For Android

Opera Free Unlimited VPN App finally made available for Android users after months of introducing same app to iOS, the company made this known just recently that it has released for download its free vpn app for android users.

According to the Opera, they noted that their vpn is quite different from any other vpn app around, in which they will be offering a totally free, unlimited and of course login free app for android which means users do not need to worry about having to create or upgrade an account. see statement below.

Opera Free VPN For Android

“The Opera VPN app for Android sets itself apart from other VPNs by offering a completely free service­ without a data limit, no log­in required, advanced Wi­Fi protection features and no need for a subscription,” says Chris Houston, the president of Opera’s Surf Easy VPN division, in today’s announcement.


Opera Free Unlimited VPN App For Android

With this, users can now download Opera Free VPN For Android with no such restriction, for those who actually do not know what a vpn is, well it means Virtual Private Network and is it used to add privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and among several others.

VPN literally allows you to access restricted websites from any internet enabled device, it also allows easy means of changing your location for access to whatever you want to access. an example of such made available for download over time are Psiphon, Hotspot shield vpn, droid vpn among other.
Opera Free VPN For Android

Now that Opera as joined the league you can download Opera Free Unlimited VPN App For Android from the play store with no limits, or check below for download link. however the company noted that ads will be served in exchange for making the app totally free for its users.

This information is made available to third parties who are interested in better understanding the mobile ecosystem and how it’s evolving. It’s important to understand that this is not data about what you do with your phone, but rather this is data about how a large group of people use their phones.
In the actual sense they get to make their money from the app by making it free while serving you ads, well not that bad thou, as most free vpn around actually does that, you cant expect a totally free app afterall money is being pumped into developing .

Click to download Opera Vpn for android or Click Below link to download the apk.

August 22, 2016

Whatsapp Siri Feature Support For Apple iOS User Coming Soon

Whatsapp Siri Feature Support For Apple iOS User Coming Soon

Siri which is Apple's Voice Assistant app that gives users of iOS the privilege to voice command, just like the almighty Google Now on Android, you simply voice a command and allow the app execute.

Interestingly the siri feature is coming pretty soon on WhatsApp for iOS users, since the idea behind the app is an all iPhone thing, well users of android should'nt be surprise when you get something similar to this on whatsapp in form on Google now.

Whatsapp Siri Feature

Benefits Of WhatsApp Siri Feature Support On Apple iOS

With Siri feature on whatsapp, iOS users will be able to read, send messages and of course make WhatsApp calls on Apple iOS devices by just speaking to WhatsApp without typing text.

However this feature is yet to be officially made available by but a "leak" suggest this explanation text shown below which appears to users when prompted to give WhatsApp access to Siri may just be the feature we have been waiting for.

Well you need not be told at this stage that Siri can only be used on Apple iOS while android users should just watch out for something similar to this. Interestingly the latest iOS 10, is said to allow the integration of the virtual assistant with third-party apps which is something that wasn't available before on the later firmware.

Well you can see how to share your purchase app on play store with your family.
Microsoft Reward Offers To Pay You To Use Edge Browser

Microsoft Reward Offers To Pay You To Use Edge Browser

Microsoft is offering users some certain rewards in exchange for them making use of its Edge Browser and of course Bing Search Engine, this was made known recently in its bid to rebrand the "Bing rewards" to an all new Microsoft rewards – a platform which pays you to use the Edge browser and Bing.

You might be wondering what this offer is all about, well i will help out on that, Microsoft reward points to people who uses its Edge browser having signed up for "Microsoft Rewards",

Well before you start jumping up and get too excited.
This offer isn't available yet in any African country. so chill and stay calm but then you can now see how far Microsoft is willing to go to ensure you and i make use of its browser...

How the Microsoft Reward works

Microsoft simply monitors your activity once you signed up for the offer to know whether you are using the program for up to 30 hours a month, in the same vain you would also have to make Bing as your default search engine to earn additional points. which at the moment is only available for users in US.

The Points accumulated can then used in form of vouchers or credit on platform such as Starbucks, Skype, Amazon and ad-free, While this seems kinda hot right now in the US, well users from other country would still continue to use any browser they found best for them.

Microsoft reward

But on the brighter side, the Edge Browser isn't that bad afterall, its kinda fast in addition to its clean and minimalist look compare to few others, while the Bing search isn't all that bad as well,as it seems to be the best for videos simply because it allows you to watch videos right in Bing Search, which filters out the YouTube ads.

However we are of the opinion that no matter how much Microsoft actually pays people to use their browser most of the users paid would still go ahead to use the Google built Browser which is the Chrome and made available for all unlike the Edge which only is restricted to Windows 10 users.

On a final note, we are sorry to dash your hope ooo, am quite sure you probably got excited after reading the post title, thereafter I read the second line ” Not available in Africa”. and you like arrrgggg!!!
Etisalat Evening & Weekend Plan - 2GB For 1000, 5GB For 2000

Etisalat Evening & Weekend Plan - 2GB For 1000, 5GB For 2000

Etisalat Evening & Weekend Data Plan is one of its latest bundle plan, which i think was reshaped from its previous weekend plan, but on the down side unlike other network providers, the arab network is offering 2GB For 1000 and of course 5GB For 2000.

As stated above, the etisalat evening & weekend data plan which offers 2gb for 1000 and 5gb for 2000 is far more on the high side considering what the likes of airtel ( 1gb for 100 ) and glo ( 3gb for 500 ) offers its subscribers,

You see why we said the plan of is seems too high, but considering they have one of the very best internet coverage you wont be surprise if this new etisalat night plan actually get more users than its counterpart.

Etisalat Evening and Weekend Data Plan

On the bright side, the etisalat night/evening & weekend data plan which offers 2gb for 1000 and 5gb for 2000 works from 7PM TO 6:59AM, interestingly it works 24/7 on weekends giving it a bit of an edge over the rest.

However, the former etisalat night plan which offers 1gb for 200 is very much active but valid for a night while the new etisalat night and evening data plan which offers 2gb for 1000 and 5gb for 2000 is valid for 30days. in addition the new bundle gives you 100mb free data for WhatsApp.

How To Subscribe For New Etisalat Night/Evening & Weekend Data Plan And Get 2gb for 1000 & 5gb for 2000

To Subscribe for Etisalat 2GB For N1000 

  • Simply dial *229*3*12#
  • The plan is valid for 30 days.

NB: This Plan works only during the evening/night and weekends, usable from 7PM to 6:59AM every day and the whole hours during the weekends (Saturday and Sundays).

To Subscribe for Etisalat 5GB For N2000 

  • Simply dial *229*3*13#
  • The plan is valid for 30 days.

NB: This Plan works only during the evening/night and weekends, usable from 7PM to 6:59AM every day and the whole hours during the weekends (Saturday and Sundays). Plus free 100MB usable for chatting on WhatsApp all the time.

August 20, 2016

Download First Touch Soccer 2017 ( FTS 17) apk and data File

Download First Touch Soccer 2017 ( FTS 17) apk and data File

First Touch Soccer 2017 is another brilliant piece of work put together by marvel, and today we decided to share the apk and data download link for you to join the fun and enjoy an all different experience of football gaming, well my favorite has been the fifa 16 but am definitely gonna give this a try.

Aside from the all used to Pes 2016 for pspp, the first touch soccer 2017 is one football game you would fall in love with, in fact for a game of about 300mb i still wonder how they manager to put together such graphical nice work.

Interestingly, FTS 17 supports as low as Android: v4.0 – v4.0.4 [Ice Cream Sandwich], v4.1 – v4.3.1 [Jelly Bean], v4.4 – v4.4.4 [KitKat], v5.0 – v5.0.2 [Lollipop] and UP. without wasting much of your time, lets quicly look at how to install this wonderful game shall we??

First Touch Soccer 2017 ( FTS 17) apk and data

How to Install First Touch Soccer 2017 FTS 17 apk and data

All you need do is follow the simple steps listed below, mind you the download link is alos included immaitely after the guide on how to install.

  • Extract the downloaded zip file and copy 'com.firsttouchgames.fts15' in the data folder to   your Android/data folder
  • Thereafter, Copy the 'com.firsttouchgames.fts15' in the obb folder to your Android/obb folder
  • Finally Install FTs 17 and run.

unlike Fifa 16, this is an offline game saving you the need for additional data and lagging as mostly experienced on fifa 16. to change language to English Go to Game settings, and change your language.

Download FTs 17 apk and data here. or click below.

August 19, 2016

Facebook Partners Unity To Launch Own PC Gaming Platform

Facebook Partners Unity To Launch Own PC Gaming Platform

Words Started getting round as at yesterday morning that the social media giant Facebook is planning on introducing its own pc gaming platform, interestingly it would be partnering with Unity, A company well known for Pc Gaming platform.

According to the reports made available by Facebook on its blog dated far back August 7th, it stated it would be launching a PC gaming platform, a downloadable desktop hub for games. The company is teaming up with Unity to make it easier for developers to bring their apps to its gaming platform. Remember.

Facebook Pc Game


Facebook PC Gaming Platform

Unity and Facebook are joining forces to build new functionality into Unity that streamlines the process for exporting and publishing games onto Facebook. This will allow Unity developers to quickly deliver their games to the more than 650 million players who enjoy playing Facebook-connected games every month -- a massive and highly-engaged gaming community that enabled Facebook to pay out over $2.5 billion to just web-game developers in 2015 alone.

 Starting today, we’re selecting a limited group of developers to receive immediate access to a closed-alpha build of the new export to Facebook functionality in Unity version 5.4. New developers will be on-boarded on an ongoing basis throughout the testing period.

Facebook however claimed the gaming platform would have a “dedicated, immersive experience” and would serve as a focused gaming platform free from the distractions that come with Facebook (News Feed & notifications).For the game publishers, the platform will provide a revenue split just like any other app stores.

At the moment, Facebook is running an alpha test and is reaching out to developers to apply  so as to request immediate access and be able to begin testing the alpha build of the new export to Facebook functionality in the Unity Editor
Twitter Suspends 360,000 Accounts Over Violent Extremism

Twitter Suspends 360,000 Accounts Over Violent Extremism

Twitter yesterday disclosed it has suspended about 360,000 accounts since mid-2015 for violating its policies and of course banning the promotion of terrorism and violent extremism. it made this known in one of its post on its blog on Thursday.

The Multi-billionaire San Francisco-based company ( Twitter ) said in a blog post that it also has made quite some significant progress in preventing users who were suspended from immediately returning to the platform using different accounts, which has been a problem in the past.

Twitter made it known that the rate of its daily account suspensions is about 80 percent since last year, it however did not provide specific numbers. The suspensions became quite necessary following series of terrorist attacks, it said.

Twitter Suspends 360,000 Accounts


Twitter Suspends 360,000 Accounts Over Violent Extremism

It also noted that there is no magical formula for identifying extremist accounts. Like other social media companies, it uses a variety of tools, including spam-fighting technology, automatic identification as well as reports from users, to help combat abuse.

The report on the account suspension became necessary after the company had been criticized severally for not doing enough to keeping extremist groups like Islamic State from using the short-messaging service to crowd source supporters and potential attackers.

just last week, a Federal Judge had earlier dismissed a lawsuit against Twitter which accused it of supporting Islamic State by allowing it to sign up for and use Twitter accounts.

The judge however agreed with Twitter that the company cannot be held liable because federal law protects service providers that merely offer platforms for speech, without creating the speech itself. At the same time,

In its defense. Twitter stressed that it was working really hard to combat any forms of violent extremism on its service. you can check how to verify your twitter account in few seconds