Mtn cheap Pc and mobile Browsing means.

Hi everyone, well many might think i left them, but the point is have been so busy lately with my project and exams, well thanks to God for the success of everything.

Now to the topic. Well this not a cheat nor a code but its just the cheapest means i can think of Now for you all to surf with your mtn


Now an unlimited plan and neither does it comes free.

Its gonna cost you #2500 every month for a data of 4.5gig

Thou this is mtn nite plan but believe me its blazing on both.

Now how to go about it.

Recharge your mtn line with #2500
Dial *102#
You will be given 3Gig for the nite plan
And 1.5Gig bonus for day browsing
A totol of 4.5Gig

Note this works all day and all nite, even after you exhaust the 1.5Gig it will still be blazing during the day and nite with the remaining 3Gig.

Now once you have successful subscriber just connect with the default mtn settings and you good to go.

Kindly manage this as we are working on getting the magic unlimited setting to work again.

Thanks for the patients and God bless.

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    October 26, 2013
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    October 16, 2013
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    October 16, 2013

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