I said it few hours ago, there’s just no limit to how much comfort you can enjoy, sincerely, Science is a world on its own with great possibilities. Imagine an SUV with a complete  living room gadgets, comes complete with a wardrobe and its own intercom system so passengers can chat easily. Am sure lots of safety kits would have been worked on for this to be achieved. Ford unveiled its concept for the Lincoln Navigator SUV – a 17 foot long giant SUV described as a ‘living room on wheels’.
As culled from Daily mail science news, it is said to have the following features :
**17 foot long car comes with gull wing doors and huge seats in three rows
**One option can even put a mobile wardrobe in the back of the car
**Screens allow passengers to play games against each other and video chat
**It is a car so big it even comes with its own videoconferencing system so passengers can keep in touch.

It has everything from screens at every seat to a wardrobe option for the trunk.
The 17 foot long concept car comes with gull wing doors and huge seats – with an option for a clothes carrying area. It also boast screens at every seat an an internal videoconferencing system.
It has built large screens for everyone (except the driver) to allow passengers to play games against each other in the car and watch movies.
Each screen can connect to a different phone.
There’s also an intercom system to make it easier for passengers in the third row to talk to those in the front.
A video chat system that allows riders in the back to see the driver when they’re talking.
Lincoln is showing off a concept version of the vehicle Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show.
The Navigator will drop some weight, helping fuel economy, but will still be a behemoth at more than 17-feet long.  
The leather-wrapped interior has six Lincoln-patented Perfect Position Seats adjust 30 ways to best support occupants different body types.
You can read more about it here