How to download YouTube Videos online with Mozilla firefox

Do you know you can download any videos online with your Mozilla Firefox? oh i bet you don’t, there’s this very easy step, even YouTube videos or audios can be downloaded as well using this steps, you interested? chill i will give you the full gist trust me. I am going to give you FIVE (5) EASY STEPS ON HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOU TUBE VIDEOS OR ANY  ONLINE VIDEOS WITH YOUR MOZILLA FIREFOX.


Step (1) Open Your Mozilla Firefox

Step (2) On the menu bar click on Tools on the drop down menu click on Add-ons or press Ctrl+Shift+A
download YouTube Videos with Mozilla firefox
Step (3) A new tab will open for you, on the search bar type [download helper]

Step (4) on the listed Add-ons, download (download helper) and restart your browser

Step (5) Right click on the Video you want to download and click download on the show up menu appear to you and your video will download
Enjoy your new way to download you tube vidoes online using Mozilla method
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