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etisalat pc cheat july 7th 2012

in this post, you get the full and simple settings for Indian web proxy with ETISALAT NG. the point, its no longer stable, but still working can check this out, its the only stable FBT


Indian web proxy had been on for a very long time now, it has worked for MTN AND GLO in the past.
But always Blazing with Etisalat…

the Indian web proxy is very powerful tools, which bypass any network firmware, you can now browse free on your laptop or pc, first your computer has to have already installed java-runtime…




…..all you now have to do is simple, locate the Indian web proxy–>>extract it–>>and locate the SETUP FOLDER–>>now open the folder and locate Indian web proxy.jar…..and send it to your desktop………………………………………………………………………….


Configuring India Web Proxy
1. Locate and open IndiaWebProxy.jar

Now to get the lasted working settings read this carefully

Pls am so sure by now many would have given me names already, probably ‘Mr pay’ but pls oo not my faults too u all no its nt easy to do some digging, waste lots of credits calling my Hackers on the latest, and above all i spend Money to get my surest Infos.

Ok now for those that are just new to my Blog, in recent times i always give free uptime update on indian web proxy settings on any working ntw.u sure can check here for confirmations… Old etisalat settings on iwp

But not long ago, Etisalat Blocked the settings working with iwp,u shd know that the formal settings worked for almost 2-3yrs before they came and intervene.

But am here again to let u know that Indian web proxy is blazing Hot with Etisalat in terms of Free Browsing ,I think nowadays the situation on Ground as change tins from free browsing to extremely cheap browsing, as now u pay very cheap to browse unlimitedly.

Ok let’s go.Pls, be informed that this setting works with very few cpanel or server sellers that u might have known before, all thanks to Cast who came to the boy’s rescue, as i said Etisalat is blazing hot but only to those who know.

Now to lets you see reasons with what am saying,it works with a VPS,i mean cracked and tweaked VPS,and only Cast know how to do the craking for Now.infact the cracking of VPS doesn’t comes free,u pay him to get your VPS cracked in order to work fine and smoothly with which that as led to the increase in server price and also made all free server useless.

Now to Get yourself a working Indian Web Proxy VPS.

Cost is just #2000 per month

Make your payment to:

Account name: oyegoke samuel dare
Bank: gtbank
Account no: 0114416660

Once payment is done send me the teller no, sender name and your preferred VPS name,e.g u want your VPS to be integrity.PHP, include the VPS name and send to 08068212790.within 5 mins after which your payment would have been confirmed. you will receive the settings and server via text.

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