How To Easily Port To Glo from MTN , Airtel, Etisalat

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Over the past few weeks, there have been a “porting” craze going on, Which is a term used for
Changing of network without the need to buy a need SIM card.

In other words, You can change you network and still retain your previous network’s

Most of these networks in Nigeria offer this porting service which means you can easily port to any
network you like no matter which network you are on be it Etisalat, Airtel, MTN or even GLO.

Today in this post, i have decided to share with you how you can easily Port to Glo from other networks such as MTN, Airtel And Etisalat.

How To Port to Glo from MTN,
Etisalat, Airtel?

First, you should note that porting to GLO Nigeria is FREE, And the code to port to Glo is “ 3232“.

Steps on how to port to Glo
What you need first is to go over to any Glo Mobile office, Glo zone or any Glo Sim Registration area .

You will be required to have a copy of your ID Card with the mobile number / SIM you want
to transfer to the Glo network.

Once you get there, then you just have to tell the Glo representative  what you want, which is to port to Glo.

Then the Glo representative will offer you a form titled “ Port-In MNP” request form.

All you then need to do, is to fill the “ Port-In MNP ” request form, Sign and then send “Port ”
as SMS from your number to short code 3232 Once you do this, Then you should get a
message instantly with this content: “ Thank you for your SMS. Your request is being

At this point, The you Glo representative will
offer you a new Glo SIM free of charge which you need to make sure you register to avoid
further issues or stress.

After your request had been processed, you will then receive another SMS stating that your
request was successful, Then at that moment, you OLD NUMBER/ SIM will seize  to work,

Then you can start using the NEW SIM offered to you.That’s all


It takes a minimum of 48hours for the whole process to be permanent.

You will not be able to port to any other network until after ninety (90) days .

No data like contact, SMS or MMS , Credits will be transferred, You will have to make transfers your self .

Mtn coming soon.

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