Get Mtn 7.5Gig Of Data Free

MTN will never stop telling us how generous they are.

This is working as at 5pm. Follow this.

-Get a sim that is registered on MTN data share

If you don’t have a share pin then follow this.

Dial *131*2*1# or text REG to 131; to register for MTN Data Share, you will receive a unique
security PIN.

You are required to change the system generated PIN to a new PIN they can easily remember by
dialling *131*2*5#  and follow the screen prompt.

Now that you’ve you pin continue to the main stage to get your 7.5Gig

-Dial *131*3*5*4*3# or take it through the long way
by dialing *131*3#, then reply by sending 5, then by
sending 4 again and lastly by sending 3
-Now enter the number yu want to send it to. Make
sure it is not on any active data plan. Send.
-Now enter yur pin. If yu don’t have, dial *131*2*1#.
-You will recieve yur 7.5gb now.
If its not working, I wont post cos I knw the implication.

But if it says you dont av sufficient credit, then try another line and if you dont av anoda no to send it to yur own.continue to send it.

i tried it sometimes and that is my
reply. buh subsequent trials will go.

Working fine as at the time of post so if i were you i will grab my sim and try my luck.

UPDATE FOR THOSE GETTING INSUFFICIENT BALANCE. I am Very Sure 95% of ma phwendz are Enjoying there 7.5Gb worth Of data Plan on MTN? Un able to get 7.5gb On Your MTN Sim? Telling You that the “Receiptance have Data Bundly Active”? 1. Solution to Data Bundle Active >> Just tell the Person You want to Send the 7.5gb to Send RESET to 131 to Terminate the Bundle then After that You Can Send Resend the 7.5Gb.. . 2. Solution to Insufficient Balance >> Load N100 Airtime on Your MTN SIM, After that Subscribe for MTN 10MB. To subscribe for 10MB Send 104 to 131 then wait for atleast 1mins and Send it again.. NOW LETS SEE WHO IS LEFT.

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