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Glo mobile Opera 4 Hul and Opera 7 handler cheat

Pls to those that are found of saying not working without testing kindly keep your comments.

Am sure we still have some mobile users looking or seeking for glo cheat for there opera and you have been struggling lately for cheat that browse and download (fast,200kb/s) .

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Then this is for you,i got tired of searching for tweaks,so i decided to crack my own and i guess i got lucky,so am sharing it with you
all,but it wasn’t easy,it took me almost a whole day to come up with this.

Glo mobile Opera 4 Hul and Opera 7 handler cheat

Phone settings
Accesspoint : Glosecure
APN : glosecure
Username & password : secure
Homepage : anything will do
IP :
Port : 80

Opera OM45HUI used it to download 394mb

Browser settings
Primary and Secondary Servers input : http://0.facebook.

Note : Do not change the port under each server

Proxy Server : HTTP

Install and Enjoy

Opera71handler Or Any Opera :

Just Go to Proxy server : HTTP and put

install and enjoy

You can check the source for the attached opera used by the person that cracked this and incase you have any complaints .;wap2

Drop your comments lets know if it works for you.

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