Solution to application automatically closs on Tecno l3

Hmmmm… i know many are faced with this annoying problem with Tecno L3 closing of one app at a start of another.  well  tried rooting my it but no success yet seems the problem of not being able to root if from my side or from the app i used dont know yet sha.
now what are the causes of all this closing of app for one another or quick consumption of Tecno l3 ram.
the causes are : many apps are actually running endlessly on it, thus result to memory full, and the only slution to this is to uninstall those apps, and this can only be achieved by rooting it which will then give you access to uninstall any apps be it pre-installed or any.
to be candid i nearly brook the phone due to the annoying shutting down of an app on start of another.
but this what i did that helped me, since i couldnt uninstall those apps, what i did was to disable them.
how to disable the useless apps :
              click on the menu option on home screen where you have WALLPAPER,MANAGE APP,SETTINGS . now click on MANAGE APPS, and scroll either left or right to get the ALL APPS., now click on the app you wanna disable then you will see 
list of apps i disabled:
-Facebook ( many might not like this oo,but seriously that app chops very much of the ram) i make use of other apps to login my Fb acct, app such a 2go for android, ebuddye.t.c
-Flash share
-Gmail ( make use of  Email to login ur gmail, the gmail consume much ram)
-andriod live walpaer
-Gameloft live
-Go keyboard
-big city
-talk back
-wonder zon
Now ever since have done this i run up to 6 apps now, conveniently.
also when ever you lauch an app and you closed it click on the home botton to show RUNNING APPS. now slide those apps you have actually closed to LEFT OR RIGHT to completely close such apps cos if not they are still running backgroundly thus using part of your ram.
am sure with this you wont have to complain about apps closing again.
enjoy ooo..incase you wanna try how to root your Tecno L3 check this site
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