Solution to mtn connection disconnecting at the use of 37MB

well as it is, this is very annoying for those using the mtn bis with pdproxy or any vpn, as it disconnect almost at the peak of every 37mb of download or data, some even at nearly few mins,

this might not in actual sense stop it from disconnecting oo, but it will help you as you will not feel it has disconnected or not, the solution is with the help of a software called RE-CONNECT

reconnect 1.5 software, it is a reconnector software which is help to reconnect the ADSL or Dial-up network connection. It is a very useful software who’s connect internet mobile with Pc.
in sometime mobile is disconnect with pc or again and again disconnect. Then this software is help in this situation.

Automatically reconnect a disconnected ADSL or dial-up or network and dial-up internet RAS connection. Many features including auto boot with Windows, minimize to system tray, disconnect or shutdown computer at specified time and more. Single EXE file, runs without installation meaning small and fast application.

So i solve some problems of many people who are distraught from this problem.

download here.  or    . it might ask for login details well just register to gain access

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