Etisalat browsing cheat for both Pc and Android


 don’t really understand what is temporarily wrong with Etisalat telecommunication; I received series of text and calls today that bis has been blocked completely.

First of all not accessible by new subscribers and some existing users are

equally complaining about excessive credit deduction instead of Mb deduction. 

To those who have not yet subscribed, I will suggest you don’t subscribe until an appropriate solution is provided to

this. And to those who are still using it to surf the net, please don’t recharge on your sim even though you get a message from them that your bis has expired, it will still be browsing.

In due course, solutions will be provided and a better cheaper alternative to surf the net will equally be provided if

peradventure Etisalat block this bis access on non bb device.                       

Hey friends,  just want to fill you in on the latest development,  many thought i left my blog without an update,  well am sorry  just that have been busy recently and doesn’t want to make a post on any unconfirmed cheat or tweak.

Thou this isn’t really a cheat or totally free as you will have to subscribe for the Etisalat bb subscription,  not to worry you need just #1100 and it works fine.

Tested and confirmed by me.

Now how to go about it.

It has now been tested and confirmed on various android device and Pc that etisalat bis is now rocking on them for over a month now.

Now to setup the etisalat Bis to run on
your device, simply follow the below

==>Subscribe to monthly blackberry
complete plan by dialing *499*3#

or for weekly plan by dialing *499*3*1#.

Monthly cost #1,000 while weekly cost #500

==> Once the 1month bb complete plan
has been confirmed successful, subscribe again to blackberry
10 daily plan by dialing *599*3*2# (it goes for #100 and 15mb will be given to you).

==>Set your apn to  or etisalat.
==>Save and exit.

Connect and surf. Note: The bb10 daily plan help clears all the mucus of bb complete data so that you will be able to
browse with it on non bb device.

It has been tested and confirmed working.

Happy surfing like i said its 3Gig o.

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