Glo NG OverLoad Promo Get 4.5Gig For #2500

Globacom Nigeria is at it again, unlike MTN 2500 Night plan that gives you 4.5Gig in which you only get 1.5gig for browsing during the day and 3gig at night.

The new Glo overload is quite different as you get the value for your money 4.5Gig for #2500 working all day 24/7.

Glo network actually rocks, Glo data plans actually rocks and couple with all this overload promo; you only need to worry less with data getting zap on your device.
In short, after reading this post, you shouldn’t worry over tweaking your Android imei again on your device.

If you can’t tweak your imei to get 3GB, atleast you can actually get 4.5GB on your device.

It works on all phones including Nokia X, XL, Lumia and iPhones. Initially, Glo set the standard for this plan to N3,000 for
4.5GB but today, it’s been reversed back to N2,500 which I think its fair enough for all subscribers.

How Can I Get 4.5GB for N,2500 on Glo?
==>First of all activate the overload promo by dialing *200#
==>Load your Glo line with 2,500 (You should get 200% of your recharge, meaning N7,500)
==>Then dial this code *127*58# and 4.5GB will be given to you.

You can use this plan 247 without any hassle of tweaking. This plan works on all Android phones, PC, iPhone/iPad. Don’t run out of data anymore.

Glo with pride!

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