Do you know that MTN has recently Introduced a new tarrif plan with which you can call all ntw with just 11kobo/sec??- MTN True Talk +

Not long a go i made a post pertaining to MTN Better talk plan which gives 200% bonus upon recharge which has been awesome all the way.  Well Etisalat joined suite by introducing Easy life 4.0 which allow you to call all network at 11kb/ per seconds, and I saw the package as awesome as well.

Nearly few hrs after etisalat Introduced its 4.0 11k/s plan to all network, mtn then upgraded its true talk tariff plan to match with Etisalat Easy life and it is called MTN True Talk Plus.

MTN True Talk Plus allows you to call all network in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second, 20kb to UK, USA, India, Canada and China with a daily charge access
fee of N5 only.

How Can I Migrate to This Package?
==>dial *123*20#

For now, MTN Better talk and True talk+ with Etisalat Easy life 4.0 seems to be the cheapest among others.

This just what i love most when there are various key prayers in the industry, it allows for competition which in turn favors the consumers!

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