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How to Browse Unlimited with MTN On Android Device using OpenVPN

Sup friends,  and my wonderful readers,  sorry it seems i left my blog for a very long time before update,  i just have been so busy with lots of stuff.
Well you read the Topic right, here today its an article on How you can browse unlimited with your MTN using OpenVPN on Android.
Now, you should know it doesn’t require much from you, or any tweaking skills, all you need to know is how to actually navigate round your device.
Let’s quickly run through what you need in order to enjoy this.
1. An MTN sim with subscribed MTN BIS subscription
2. An Android device with already installed OpenVPN.
You scared???  Don’t worry oo.. I wil provide you with full details.
Before we proceed, it will be wise you download the required OpenVPN and its server file.
Download both OpenVPN connect and its server fill using the link below.
Next step afterwards
Open the Server file in zip you downloaded, to open zo p files you either download XPLORE or any other zip manager from Play Store. Now carefully copy the content in this zip to a folder within your SD card , “both the file in habie.ovpn and that haibe.text” copy both to a folder you can easily locate in your SD card. 
Once this is done now you can subscribe for the MTN BIS
#70 : BBLITED to 21600 ( daily) 3gig
#100: BBMIDID to 21600 ( daily) unlimited #350: BBLITEW to 21600 (weekly) unlimited
#1000: BBLITEM to 21600 ( month)  unlimited
Next step afterwards :
Launch OpenVPN Connect or OpenVPN for android, click on options and select “import“, now choose “import profile from sd card” then locate the config file(s) you have just copied to your device then click on Select to allow OpenVPN Connect or OpenVPN for android to save the profile.
I Believe you access point settings is that of default settings sent from mtn, now what’s left is for you to click Connect
Note It is very important as I stated correctly that you should open the .text in the folder you extracted, then edit, and change the password to the current one posted on the blog or the current one posted in the link above and re import the server. From my observations, OpenVPN changes the Password every 7 days,  and if am right it falls on every Tuesday,  don’t be scared the password is free and very easy to get.  All you have to do is to 
visit :
Once this is done, scroll a bit down, and copy the new pswd, now open the folder you saved openvpn server, and edit the text file,  all you need do is delete the existing password and carefully Paste the new Password, then save and re import the server..
Username: vpnbook
Password: sege7hEh
How do i know when the password has been changed??? well thats a very good question, as i stated earlier that from my observations, it seems every tuesday the pswd got changed, so on attempt to connect the openvpn severally and it fails to connect, then you should visit the site above for comfirmation of the Passowrd,
Enjoy while it last.. Check below for the pictorial review of the Openvpn and its server file upon extraction.
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