Download Latest and Updated Version For Psiphon Handler: How to Browse with mtn bb subscription on Android

I just must confess, this VPN since i heard of it has been my favorite, if not for its frequent disconnections buh its super fast for downloads and browsing and also doesn’t require root. some of us actually do have issues with our current psiphon handler82 version.

Some having issue with the app because it frequently disconnect itself and some having issue with the delay of connecting to the server. If you are victim of any of the listed above issues, then the solution is here.

The Update version works greater and better than the previous version. You sure guaranteed a smooth browsing all the way.
Download here :


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BBLITED to 21600 :#70 daily

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This app is an alternative to simple server and unlike simple server, the psiphon handler powers all applications which means there is no need for you to install auto proxy nor root.

Lets move straight to th configuration *set your Apn as shown below:


IP: blank

Port: blank

==> Download and Install Psiphon100 Handler from the link provided above.

==> Launch psiphon and configure as shown below:

*Proxy type: select real host

*Proxy server:

*skip others and save.

==> Next, you will get a pop up msg asking if you want to use psiphon browser only or Tunnel whole device. Choose tunnel whole device.

==> On the next screen, click on the option tab.

==> For region select any of your choice, be it Germany, or Japan , then click on more option.

==> Under “proxy settings”’ TIck the “connect through an HTTP Proxy” box.

==> select use the following settings and input as Host while 8080 as port

==> press the back button click on START wait for a few secs while it connects. Minimize and start surfing!!!

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