Infinix Hot Note & Pro Lollipop Final Official version 20151009

Well for sometimes now, Infinix has been Rolling out lollipop update for its hot note and hot note pro.

The recent update which to me stands to be one of the best if not best of all its released update.  Is that of the 1009 which came in on 10/10/2015.

This a little review of it.

Android 5.1

Final Version2 20151009:

1) Added System Manager app which includes Mobile Cleanup, App Manager, Network Management and Harassment Block functions
2) Added 3G only option in network type selection
3) Added Sleep Cleanup function to automatically cleans up phone memory after long time sleep
4) Added App Lock function in recent app cleaner to avoid cleaned
5) Optimized password lock and PIN lock input on lock screen,directly entry when entering the correct password
6) Fixed smart cover’s status bar display issue
7) Removed quick charge icon on the left of status bar
8) Fixed ringtones setting failure occasionally issue
9) Fixed other issues from XCLUB fans
10) Improved battery and system performance and fixed other issues

If you ask of my opinion, well here it is on some certain issue such as notification.

If you are having issues with notification or app close upon clean and u are on d latest update its because u stil avnt got it right

on d latest update, jst press ur recent app key,  u will notice a pad lock icon at d edge of each running app,  thereafter click on d pad lock icon to ensure its lock..  I noticed that adding them on whitelist dosnt do the tweak as d app shd b locked upon its addition to whitelist which dosnt. So do it ursef at least an alternative is provided 

Do dat for all d apps u want to prevent from closing..its no Stress  to do.. Jst tap d pad lock icon at d edge..   Then u goo to go..  U will notice that your d numbers of app running on d clean will b 1 in some cases 0,mine is 1 cos of my nova launcher,i presume. 

U Gud to Go…  To me oo this d best update ever and it shd only get better.

Mind you am running 13apps all working fine, notification drops as at wen received,  ram management is superb now,  my phone runs smoothly, no lags buh of cos dosnt run my beloved fifa 16, dosnt even warm talk less of heating and also battery performance has slightly improved.

You wanna download??  Download it from infinix mobility forum

Mind you download and flash the right rom oooooooooooo….

How to successfully flash the rom?

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