Infinix Note 2 X600 Leaked Spec

You will agree with me that Infinix is really the king of susupense. They did it with the infinix zero 2 and now the infinix hot note 2 also nicknamed the Big 6.

Ever since Infinix officially announced that it will be releasing a new device on the 27th of November which also happens to be black Friday, there have been lots of different rumour specs online ranging from battery capacity to actual screen size.

I think this device has already been launched in some other countries and I was privilege to get a picture of the phone box which also contains some of the features.

Just like the predecessor, this device also runs on an octa core processor but the screen is quite larger at 6″. The battery capacity is 4040mah, 1.5gb RAM and a 16gb ROM.

Though this device might come in 2 variants which I actually can confirm,  the other variant of the hot note 2 might come with a 3gig ram coupled with a 32gig rom but let’s just keep out fingers crossed and wait till the 27th of this month when the device will be fully unveiled.

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