Latest MTN and etisalat PC Browsing Cheat

A very beautiful day to you all, it’s been a while i made a post on any free browsing, reason being that most of my previous post on it are all stil blazing, buh hey there’s no crime re posting for new subscribers.

In this post, we will reveal to you both mtn and etisalat PC Browsing Cheat which has been working for as long as I can remember.

How does this work??  Well am confident that many are currently blazing this buh for new users, the mtn browsing cheat works on Android and of course pc

with the aid of mtn bblite subscription, which means you need to subscribe to mtn bblite, thereafter you download the required app to bypass so as to make it work.  Need I mentioned the data cap is 5gig for any of the plan you opted for.

First to go with will be to share with you the  *NEW MTN BBLITE SUBSCRIPTION CODE* cos you will need it for the tweak.

Since last week, I noticed that  MTN Bblite subscription codes are not working, any time i send the subscription code it shows system error. At first, i taught its was network problem until i later discover that its was not network.  So guys, Am going to share you new working  MTN BBLITE codes.

New MTN Blite Subscription Codes

1. For Daily code dial *216*3*1# @ N70

2. For Weekly code dial *216*3*2# @ N350

3. For Monthly code dial *216*3*3# @ N1000

Since we will be posting both mtn and etisalat, you also need to know which plan to sub for on etisalat.

New Etisalat Unlimited Smart paks Subscription Codes

1. CHAT PAK DAILY: Dial *200*3*4*1*1*1# @ N50

2. CHAT PAK WEEKLY: Dial *200*3*4*1*2*1# @ N150

3. SOCIAL ME DAILY: Dial *200*3*4*2*1*1# @ N100

4. SOCIAL ME WEEKLY: Dial *200*3*4*2*2*1# @ N300

Now to the main app.  I guess by now you already have subscribed for the plan of your choice, buh if i were you I will first try that of the daily plan then if am satisfied with what I get i then sub for either month or weekly depends on what you want.

Download Simple server HERE  works for MTN buh can be edited to work for etisalat.

Download X-T181 HERE  or HERE works for both MTN and Etisalat no need to edit profile already exists.

How to set it up??  Funny enough both app has almost similar settings as regards your browser and they are both easy to use.  All you need do is download the zip,  extract and launch either simple server.exe  or X-T181.exe,( select which profile you wish to connect with) wait for it to connect,  then configure your browser to manual and input as host and port 8080.

You lost???  Check below for a more comprehensive set up.
How To Use XT181 on Pc by using both Bblite and Social Me

1. Click HERE OR HERE to download XT181 on your Pc

2. Extract/Unzip the XT181 files you download above

3. Go back where u extracted the files to, Click on the XT181.exe to launch the app.

5. Click on Profile to select either Bblite Or Social Me Profile

After selecting, Click on Listen

Then Wait for it to connect

6.Just like the simple server, Go to your browser >>Tools>>>Option>>Advance>>>Network and click on settings choose manual proxy configuration settings and use this Proxy:  Port: 8080

Now you have both MTN and etisalat PC Browsing Cheat.  What’s your say about this blog??  Enjoy your browsing my frnds.

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