Tecno L5 soon to be released, Spec and Price

Recently we made a post on the newest thing to be dropped from tecno which is the Winpad 10, which can work as a Tablet and of course a PC, meaning it comes with both win10 and of course Android lollipop 5.1, well not too far from it comes another biggest thing, which promiese a long life battery usage, guess what it is???  Well keep Calm and read the next paragraph.

In the bid to make life easier, TECNO is set to release a smartphone codenamed L5.

Living up to & even surpassing the limits of its predecessors in the TECNO L series, the L5, Not only can last for two days, it also comes with an OTG cable, meaning it can charge other devices. Cool isn’t it ? Lol More like super cool

We got this on nairaland , we can’t really say much but here are a few specs ;

– 4.5″ IPS display

– Runs on Android 5.0 lollipop

– 5000mah battery, which means whatever catches your fancy, gaming, social networking, photos & videos Etc or even if you fancy all, you get an unlimited experience.

– It’s a very portable device

– It will sell for about N12,000 – N14,000, a very cost effective device.

Whether as a primary or secondary device this phone is here to put a stop to battery issues.

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