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Hey guys, I know I’m bringing this up late, so sorry about that, I have been so busy lately, however  for those that have heard about this cheat well kudos to you ooo and for the few who probably are just seeing this for the very first time, well sit back relax as I bring to you the easiest way to sure unlimited on your MTN using either your Android or PC.

I have prepared  vpns such as Psiphon handler, Open vpn and of cos Simple Android Server (SAS).

How To Get Music Plus Mb

Text ” D ” in an sms to 5900 to get 150mb, immediately you exhaust  Text  ” cancel7d ” to 5900 , thereafter Text ” D ” in an sms to 5900 tp receive 150mb again

After their reply Dail *559*2# to check if you are given the music plus mb (150mb), hey you like Sam said unlimted ooo buh here he goes dishing us 150mb cheat, lol

Just chill my friends, as I came prepared, the same sms you would have to send over and over and over again to enjoy download whatever you wish,  you like isnt that a time wasting?? 

Dont worry I also brought with SMS Scheduler as this will do the sending for you at your configured timing, SMS Scheduler is a simple tool for automatic sms messages sending with chosen frequency. So you dont have to stress a muscle, all you need do is set the frequency of your interval time, depending on how fast you can exhaust the 150mb so as to automatically do both the cancel7d and of cos d for you.  If I were ypu and I planned on downloading a large file I would just set time interval to 5mins 

Download sms scheduler  LINK HERE

After you successfully download the app, Then launch the App

>> Click on SMS Schedule, Then You will see Add

>> Now Type 5900 in the Phone Number Field

>> Type cancel7d in the message box

>> Now Confirm the date and time

>> Choose your SMS sending interval (I mean, the time interval you think you can finish 150mb) I used exhaust mine under 15mins or less.

Now, Save the settings

Go back to the app and create another entry

>> Type 5900 in the Phone Number Field and

>>Type d in the message box

>> Now Confirm the date and time

>> Choose your SMS sending interval

Then save the settings.

NOTE: If you phone is dual sim, then go to your SIM management and choose your default SMS to MTN.

Now that we are clear and of cos solved the sms issue, lets move straight to Psiphon handler settings

*****For  Psiphon Handler

Download and Launch psiphon handler then configure with below settings


Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type : inject
Real proxy port:8080

The save tunnel whole device and click on option

Look down and option then below it you will have to select a region just select best performance

Click on more option and tick the box beside connect through an HTTP and chose use the following settings now configure..

Host adress:
Port:8080 just hit back to home and start

**Tweakware***  users already know what they would do just click setting and go to bundle settings and chose MTN MUSIC PLUS, head back home and connect

******Now lets move to Openvpn settings with MTN music
For Open VPN

Download OPEN VPN CONNECT from playstore and install

Also Download the config file

Launch the open vpn and tap your pad option then import this config file from SD card make sure you maintain file path, after importing just click connect and enjoy

****For Simple Android Server

Download simple server from playstore

Create a new apn with the following configuration


launch then configure it with the below settings

Click on general settings and then tick Enable Proxy

Proxy Host:
Enable the injection and use
Injection method: Get
Injection Query :

Injection line: Press your enter key four times

Then back to the homepage and click on local server settings and Tick Use Global Proxy
Log Level: Debug
Concurrent connection: 10

Hit back to the homepage and Connect.

Don’t let me hear any of these vpns ain’t working, just use the one you feel comfortable


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