How To add all Facebook Contact to Whatsapp

Many a times I received lots of request from readers requesting I add them to my blog whatsapp group, believe me I dont have any whatsapp group, so then I tried to look for ways to do this buh considering the volume It proves a bit difficult not until I came across a way to easily move all my FB contact down to Whatsapp since its owned by Zuck.

Facebook automatically add all your Facebook contacts to your whatsapp messenger without your knowledge as long as they have their numbers added to their facebook profile.

How Do I Check?

Just log in to your Facebook messenger from your device, and in few minutes, all the contacts with numbers will appear on your whatsApp plus those you’ve never spoken on Facebook before. Even that babe or that dude that has been forming add to get will also appear on your WhatsApp Messenger.

My only fear is to hope people wont misuse this feature.

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