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this cant be compare to using mtn bblite as mtn bblite seems faster buh hey, no crime in trying ,One thing is for sure about this trick, and thats the fact i cant guarantee how long it might last, as its likely to get blocked any time from now, buh as at the time of post, its working fine. well let me  Introduce another surfing bomb vpn called Pronet. The pronet vpn is a remolded version of Psiphon with cool features and more stable when it comes to connection.

The good news is, it also currently works with the all trending MTN 0.0 free surfing. You can use the same settings has you have on your Psiphon settings or use the below settings.
Where Can I Download it?
Download it here
Set it as seen below
>>Untick Remove Port
>>proxy type – Real host
>>Proxy server-
>>Real Proxy type:http
Click save
>>Select any country of your choice e.g Singapore, UK or Japan
>> Click ProNet Options
>> Mark “Connect through an HTTP Proxy”
>> Enable or Choose ” Use the following Settings”
>> Host Address :
>> Port : 8080
>> Now Go back and connect.
If you also want to use it with MTN BBLited, just use the same settings as you always have on your psiphon and you are good to go.

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