5 Ways How To Reduce Data Usage on Your Android

You will agree with me if you own an Android phone or tablet that they are both synonymous  for their high data consumption and we all know how unlimited data can be so difficult or very expensive, most especially  here in Nigeria where Unlimited data plan is only a tag used by network providers to lure you into a very limited capped plan.

You know how it feels that moment when you buy a few MB data and few hours or 3days after you are told that your data has been exhausted, arrrggghhh… That can be so annoying, many a times we neglect few things we ought to have set in place to deal with data management on our android, unless of course you are using tricks or you buy as many data as you can only then will you not care how your data are being used, however there are few things you can do to manage your data usage properly, here I will be giving you 5 ways to manage or reduce your data usage.

5 Ways How To Reduce Data Usage on Your Android

1) Turn off the data when not in use

Though we leave our mobile data connection on in order to receive messages like Facebook, whatsapp or email, it is advisable to put it off when not in use especially if you’re busy with some things or sleeping cause keeping it on can as well suck your data bundle and also drain your battery.

2)Turning Off Sync

All apps by defaults comes with a sync option, apps like Email, facebook, twitter, Google account and so on should be sync off, what syncing does is that it refreshes every single time to get you the latest instantly and thereby consuming lots of data will doing so, so what I strong suggest is that you manually check all this as it one of the main source of data draining and it will help when turned off.

3) Restrict Background Data

There are apps that run in the background and eat up your mobile data without you even knowing. I will advise you to use clean Master which helps in stopping auto start application and also some apps that are running in your device background. But don’t try and stop any Google related apps like play store and Google services.

4) Reducing Image quality of your web browser

Reducing image quality in your web browser can also help to minimize your data cause there are some websites with heavy pages whenever you open a page on the website it take up to 2-5mb of your data but if the image of the browser is reduced it helps a lot.

5)Keep a Tab on Data Usage

Android offers you an option to keep a track of your mobile or cellular data usage. Through the Data Usage option you can actually track your usage and see which app used how much data. It also allows you to set up a limit on your data usage and warnings when the data usage reaches a certain pre-determined stage.

You could configure your android phone in such a way to so as to warn you when your data usage has reached its 80% limit and completely turn the mobile data off when it reaches 100%. Although, the data usage option on your android phone may account for data in a different manner than your cellular operator, it still keeps you aware of your approximate data usage.

These are the best and perfect tips that can help you minimize or reduce data on your android phone or table.

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