How to Opt Out of Any MTN Subscription Deducting Your Airtime

Information is power… even if it’s just the power of a dot that you know. MTN have been deducting a lot of people’s airtime without them knowing what they subscribed for. Some people every week while some every day and you can bear me witness that this can be so annoying. Some of us even subscribed to some MTN services you don’t know anything about only to discover that anytime your recharge, N50 is been deducted from your account.

All thanks to credible information and I’m going to show you how to opt out of annoying deduction from any MTN services you’ve subscribed to.

How Can I Opt Out From All MTN subscription?

Dial *123*5*4# then follow the screen propmt 

You can also opt out using another method 

>>Dial the code *123*5*1# and reply with 2 to see your active subscriptions
>>Reply with the serial number of each active subscription shown and that you want to opt out from
>>Reply with 1 to unsubscribe

If you have multiple active subscriptions, then repeat the process and select any active subscriptions to unsubscribe from.

It’s easy and fast. Anytime you notice any unhealthy deduction from your account, quickly check to see that you’ve cancels all active subscription.

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