How to Reserve Your Special Number on NTel (4G LTE)

Ntel is finally waking up, after the long wait. Couples of weeks if not months ago, they launched the first ever VoLTE call and this alone revive expectant hope of Nigerians. Now Ntel has finally launched their personalized website giving you more information about Ntel and how to contact them.

Not just that, but Ntel also gives you the opportunity  to choose your own personalize special number. Ntel is set to launch 4G LTE any moment beginning from Lagos, Portharcourt and Abuja. If you are not in any of these three states,

How Can I Choose my Own Personalize Ntel Number?

Go to Click on Reserve your number>>> Choose your own number Fill in necessary information in the field available and Ntel will contact you to come pick up your personalize number when its ready to launch.

Now isnt that great?? Imagine you could save something like 080400000000 lol…. Jst kidding buh am sure that would have been taken, trust Nigerians.

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