How to Send Documents Like PDF On WhatsApp Latest Version 2.12.493

You will agree with me that aside from just chatting, sending media files, there are times you  you wanted to  send that your CV or PDF document or even apk files to a friend buh then you realized damn whatspp cant, buh hey the good news is The latest version of WhatsApp now allow you to send documents like PDF from the attachment option.
This is kind of cool, but you need to update to the latest version before you can see this option.
How Can I update?
>>Update your whatsapp to the latest version 2.12.493 from Google Play or Download the beta version update here  >>Once updated, just tap the attachment icon in any chat and choose the new blue document icon, 
click on the PDF document you want to send and you are good to go.
Things You Should Know About This Latest Update
1. Make sure the person who you are sending the document to also has the latest version.
2. If you are trying to share the document to a group, currently, all members of that group need to have the latest version.
3. In your chat with the person, click on the clip (money clip) that is in the top right-hand corner of the app.
4. Select ‘Document’. The app will then show you all the PDF documents that you are able to share.
5. Attach the document that you want to send. The file limit of 16MB still applies. So if the document is bigger than 16MB you will not be able to send it through WhatsApp.
6. To receive a PDF document there is nothing that you need to do, save for having the latest version and an internet connection with data to download the file.
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