Meet Google’s self driving Car software as it get legalized to be considered a driver

This week I must confess is a week full of great technological innovations, first was the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: First Self Lacing Shoe Second was an SUV that doubles as a living room, Now is Google Self driving car, well soonest we wont be doing a single thing, as all works would be done be robots,

Google’s self-driving car unit on Nov. 12 submitted a proposed design for a self-driving car that has ‘no need for a human driver,’ the letter to Google from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Chief Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh said.

NHTSA will interpret ‘driver’ in the context of Google’s described motor vehicle design as referring to the (self-driving system), and not to any of the vehicle occupants,’ NHTSA’s letter said.

‘We agree with Google its (self-driving car) will not have a ‘driver’ in the traditional sense that vehicles have had drivers during the last more than one hundred years.’

The next question is whether and how Google could certify that the (self-driving system) meets a standard developed and designed to apply to a vehicle with a human driver,’ NHTSA said.

Google is ‘still evaluating’ NHTSA’s lengthy response, a company spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Google executives have said they would likely partner with established automakers to build self-driving cars.

Google told NHTSA that the real danger is having auto safety features that could tempt humans to try to take control.

Google ‘expresses concern that providing human occupants of the vehicle with mechanisms to control things like steering, acceleration, braking.could be detrimental to safety because the human occupants could attempt to override the (self-driving system’s) decisions,’ the letter stated.

You can read full article from Daily mail

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