What is Tecno HiOS : Top 6 Features of Tecno HiOS

If you recall, we told you few weeks ago about a new Smartphone soon to be launched by Tecno, which is Tecno Boom J8, which features something spectacular, the new Tecno customized interface.

I have no doubt you will all love it, Infinix users can attest to their beloved XUI, Buh this on tecno would be Called HiOS, which comes with such a beautiful user interface, cool and beautiful noticeable changes. Well don’t let me bore you with the sweetness of my notes, going straight to giving you the best 6 Features of the new tecno HiOS.

you may have heard of HiOS, a new custom user interface from Tecno that they will be releasing alongside their upcoming Tecno Boom J8. This move by Tecno aims to give them a personalized identity in the eyes of the consumer when it comes to Tecno smartphones.

Top 6 amazing  features of Tecno HiOS.

1) HiOS Features new font styles,

a new pull down notification drawer (I am not sure I like it though) and other neat features that just make it exciting to use the phone.

2) The HiOS comes with A new User Interface, and the ability to change phone theme.

3) The Tecno HiOS UI has power management techniques.

With the HiOS user interface your battery will never run down within a short time. It also allows the auto switching when your battery drains to a lower percentage.

4) Hi Manager allows updating of the icon size,

the desktop apps. The grid interface and the color. This is the control point of the Tecno smartphone.

5) it comes with a font manager

We all know that changing the font of Tecno phones requires you to root before you could, but with the advent of the HiOS you no longer need to worry about rooting before you can change your font.

6) it comes with HI Manager

What does the Hi Manager does? This is the management center of the whole HiOS. Within this section or app icon on your all drawer while using the HiOS UI, tap the Hi Manager to reveal settings

With Tecno HiOS You can easily change your phone fonts, change themes plus enjoy a vast array of new features. Lot;s of us have been waiting for this and finally is HERE.

Moreover The Hios update is already available for Tecno Camon C8 user but in beta version. You can check here.

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