Finally Ntel 4GLTE Goes Live – 4GLTE Launch’s In Nigeria By NTEL

If you are still moving around in Nigeria with a 3G Smartphone, its time to revisit the Mobile market, You mustn’t live in the old Nigeria, Remember the Service Provider that promises us 4GLTE?? Ntel oh yes NTEL! They have finally goes live, which implies its time to dish your 3G Smartphones.

Few weeks or months ago, we brought to you The plans being put in Place by Ntel to ensure you get the best  LTE speed ever, however before you fling your MTN into the lagoon, Pls Note that for now, 2 to 3 states are where its currently made available, which are Lagos & Abuja, so for states like mine, Ondo State, kindly have some chill, I believe in no time it would get to us.

The company announced via it’s Facebook page yesterday made it known that the 0804 sims and the NTEL service is now live. However, no information has been communicated in regards office addresses and how those who have earlier reserved numbers, can now pick them up.

But Trust us on, we sure will fill in you as it progress.

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