Get MTN Free 100MB | Works on Android and PC

Get MTN Free 100MB: Works on all devices

We actually updated this on our Facebook Fan Page some days ago, but seems not everyone has actually heard about this, so we thought it wise to also publish on our site, that is more of the reason you are all adviced to follow us on every channel so as to always get our instant update.
Get MTN free 100mb

1. You need MTN sim card
2. Dial *460*6# [No need of recharging]
3. You will receive a message telling you that you migrated to MTN Life plus bla bla
4. On your data and start browsing.
NOTE: Incase your browsing stops, Just go to your message and send BT to 131 and redial the *460*6# to continue browsing for free
5. That’s all
Its works on all devices [PC, ANDROID, iPad  and others] and no need of third party apps to power your connection.
PLS NOTE we cant tell how how long this will last as it could get blocked any seconds
Retirating how it works again, you can get 100MB repeatedly on your MTN line by doing something just simple. No vpn required, no tweaking required, just do the below.
All you need do is to Dial *460*6# on your MTN line and you’ll receive a message “Y’ello. You are already on the MTN Y’ello Life Plus Plan…
Switch on you data and Connect your browser and start surfing.
Once you use up your first 100MB, you’ll need to opt out by going to your text message and send BT to 131, then dial the code again to get another 100MB.
Pls be advised, it seems to be sim selective.
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