Infinix Note 2 Android 6.0 Update XUI 1.N.4.1

Sometimes ago, Infinix released an update for its Note 2 marshmallows users running on XUI 4.0 which to me seems like a step in a good direction, owing to some very nice features added to it. However, we cant say its a perfect upgrade. The reason being that it is a bit laggier than it’s predecessor XUI N.4.0 on the 1GB ram variant. But some really amazing features were incorporated.
Infinix Note 2 Android 6 Update
latest Infinix note 2android 6.0 1 XUI N. 4,1

Enjoy latest Infinix Note 2 Android 6 Marshmallow ROM Update – XUI 1.N.4.1

Features such as, new lock screen and the ability to be able to choose the wallpapers for your magazine lock screen.
On the other hand, you could also make the wallpaper on the magazine lock screen the same as the home screen wallpaper.
Infinix Note 2 Android 6 Update
Likewise, it comes now with two XLauncher. Which looks pretty sleek and cool like what we have in the likes of Xiaomi, Gionee among others.
Infinix Note 2 Android 6 Update
However, You can still choose the previous launcher, therefore, giving you an added advantage.
Furthermore, one can easily change the dpi. For those who do not know what this is, it is simply able to change the screen density. That is, you can change the overall size of the apps icons and also the fonts. Apart from the Dpi,
Another commendable features added is the ability to add Guest account / Guest users. Given your all the privacy you needed, as you can simply log in to guest account restricting certain privileges from guests, this has been lacked in most Infinix devices for a long time, but now it has been added to the latest Update and it works pretty amazing.
Infinix Note 2 Android 6 Update
With some of these features, one will not necessarily have to root its device, but then some won’t or cant just do without rooting. Pls NOTE if you’re already rooted, kindly get the full rom and flash, do not attend to upgrade using the OTA file

What are the requirements one must meet to be able to upgrade to the latest Infinix note 2 marshmallows XUI 4.1

Well, nothing that big aside the fact that if you want to download the OTA, pls ensure you’re not rooted, and also, you must have been on the previous version of XUI 4.0, similarly if you’re rooted, kindly download the full rom, either that which you can flash using SP Flash tool, or the full rom SD card file. We will try as much as possible to update this post as we get the respective links.

Where can I download Infinix Android 6.0 Marshmallow 1 XUI N.4.1

Not to worry yourself, just like we said, we will try as much as possible to get all the links for you, and you can download whichever fits your phone, Pls endeavor to download the right rom for your phone, go to the phone, about to know which is your firmware number.
OTA Version, download the right one for your note2, then extract the zip file to the root of your SD, or to any folder in your SD, * its usually in*
Infinix Note 2 Android 6 Update
now locate system update on your phone, click on the option, and select update from Local, now locate the zip file you extracted.
Download link for full rom
In case for one reason or another your want to flash XUI 4.0 which is the previous update before XUI 4.1 download below
1 XUI .N.4.0 for those who want to revert using PC Flashing For A1
Enjoy this latest Marshmallow Rom For X600 Note 2and let’s know your opinions about it .

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