Introducing Airtel unlimited time-based night plan; Airtel Best plan for heavy users

While the search is still on for any possibility of  free Browsing, we just cant do without being online, our network providers aint helping matter with their very high cost of data, well we do hope something is done real quick before men starts to give out their smartphones. Lol
Back to subject matter, before you close the tab, you might just give it a few more mins to check out this airtel unlimited night plan, best for those folks that can go all nite.
It dosnt require much just a few of sleepless night
*#100, #300 or #500 airtime ready on the designated simcard
*A smartphone or modem with great connectivity for uninterrupted download speed
*And lastly, a sharp mind.
When you’ve got all the above ready you can then go ahead and use any of the plan below and start downloading in no time.
For the 1hr plan dial *481*1# —– #100
For the 3hrs plan dial *481*2#—– #300
And for the 6hrs plan dial *481*3#—- #500
PS. This plan works all varieties of devices ranging from IOS devices, Android devices, BB10 Devices to Laptops and Desktops
The offer starts approximately at 12am and ends at 6am and it’s unlimited regardless of what plan you choose.
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