Introducing Opera Web Browser Free VPN Service

Opera Web Browser Free VPN Service

For quite some years now have been a Mozilla Firefox fan, but with the recent advent of Windows 10 Edge browser, I grew fond of it, but the good news is, I just might revisit my Opera Web Browser owning to the just introduced free VPN service on its web App.
If you are operating under a network service that’s restricting you from accessing some websites, VPN has been proven to be the best way to bypass such restrictions. Now, with the introduction of a free VPN service embedded in the opera web browser, you do not need to source for external VPN services neither do you have to pay for a premium VPN service.
Opera Web Browser Free VPN Service
The Developers said, it is in a bid to improving the browser and matching it up to what people expect in 2016 was one of the main reasons Opera choose to add a free VPN to its the web browser.
Opera stated that it becomes the first web browser to implement a free VPN service and we sure hope other popular web browsers follows suit. Opera web browser is also equipped with other cool features including native ad browser. Opera also says it’d be introducing another major feature in just a matter of weeks and we’d certainly be looking forward to what they’d be bringing to the table.
However, the new VPN service is only available on the developer version of Opera and not the native version. The free VPN service can easily be activated and deactivated under settings in the Opera for developers version.
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