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Unveiling LeEco; The world Smart Bike to run on Android with a 4GB RAM

When it comes to Tech, there’s just no limit to what can be achieved, we have seen a whole lot of life changing technology gadget one could buy and enjoy good value for your money, Introducing LeEco, the newest of the great inventions.
leEco Smart Bike
Who are LeEco, well they are one of a growing number of young Chinese tech companies competing for global attention, and one of its most fun and extravagant products is called Le Syvrac. A smart bike combining equal parts mountain bike and smartphone, this invention runs a version of Google’s Android software on a 4-inch display nestled in between the handlebars. Which is said to be powered by a quad-core processor with 4GB of RAM, and also has laser pointers, a heart rate sensor, and a built-in speaker and camera.
LeEco Smart device
smart bike spec

The lasers beam out red lines on either side of the bike to give nearby car drivers an indication of the safe distance to keep away from the bicycle. It’s all very techie in the best possible way, including the integrated alarm system and smartphone app compatibility that will let you offload your tracking data from LeEco’s bike.
The LeEco Le Syvrac is already on sale in China, with prices ranging from $800 to more than $6,000 for the all-carbon frame option. And they are planning to bring its smart bike to the United States later this year. Check out the video review below
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