Best MTN Tariff Plan – MTN SmoothTalk Plus A Better Alternative to Truetalk

Ever wondered what actually happened to the then Truetalk+  it was one of the cheapest tariff plan MTN had to offer then, I mean, after a daily access fee of N5 (which is triggered by the first call of the day), subscribers get to make calls through the day at a flat rate of 11kobo/sec.
This plan made calls much more affordable cheaper on the MTN network not until the telecommunication decided its high time to put a stop to it, in which all subscribers on it were automatically switched trutalk plan which is a rather expensive plan compared to the former.
Now to the savior of the year MTN SmoothTalk Plus

Having gone through some very rigorous research, we can made boldly say that the MTN SmoothTalk plus plan may just be the best  alternative plan afterall
The MTN SmoothTalk plus plan attracts a higher charge for the first one minute call of the day while subsequent calls are charged at a much lower flat rate. The first one (1) minute call of the day on the SmoothTalk Plus plan is charged at 40kobo/sec while subsequent calls are charged at 15 kobo/sec.
What makes the SmoothTalk Plus the best Alternative to Truetalk
·         Flat rate of 15 kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after the first minute of the day at 40 kobo per second.
·         Free 10MB weekly on N100 recharge.
·         Free 100% bonus anytime you recharge your line (valid for 3days)
·         N400 Goodybag (400 + 500 bonus (25kb per/sec
How To Migrate To MTN SmoothTalk Plus
If this plan seems to be the best plan for you and you’d like to migrate, simply dial *401#. Similarly, you can text 401 to 131 to migrate to the MTN SmoothTalk Plus plan.
Furthermore To activate the N400 Goodybag, send GB400 to 131.
The question now is would you join the train??
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