WhatsApp to Introduce Voicemail, Call-back and Zip File Sharing Support

WhatsApp Messenger Plans to Introduce Voicemail, Call-back and Zip File Sharing Support

One thing that’s absolutely sure is you cant just stick to one spot and expects not to be outsmart by your teaming competitors, most companies knows this and that is more of the reason they try as much as possible to introduce new features to their products.
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WhatsApp messenger over the past few weeks as introduced quite a handful of new features to its messaging app. From document sharing support to being able to bold, italic and strike through messages to End-end encryption security technology among others brilliant features.
When WhatsApp launched support for document sharing, most users wished Zip files could also be shared using the application. Apparently, this feature will be coming to pretty soon on WhatsApp Messenger.
However, Not only will Zip support be added, but voicemail functionality and of course a call back feature will be included; Although no much information regarding this has been shared, the new features will hopefully be rolled over in the next WhatsApp update and should be available to iOS and android platforms.
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