Do you Own a Car; See This 5 Important Ways to Save & Manage your Car Fuel – Tecno Mobile

You will agree with me that we need all the Fuel Management And Saving Tips one can get at this time, at a time fuel is selling at #145/Lr you don’t want to ignore any Fuel saving tips or advise around, The economy is something else, in fact the Country Nigeria is not doing so good economically and we do hope our leader’s, starting from the President Muhammad Buhari Down to the Local Government Chairman to do all they can to serve us well.

Dont be afraid we haven’t changed niche and we wont even dare, we just thought to bring you this tip since its coming from one of the giant phone makers in Nigeria if not Africa ( Tecno )

How to Save Car Fuel and Manage Fuel

Tecno Mobile In their own little ways, offered some tips to help people manage and survive the global economy meltdown at the moment, Chinese Smartphone giant, Tecno Mobile released what they call “Five Fuel Saving Tips” to help people know the basics of fuel management while using their cars.

Fuel Management And Saving Tips

how to save fuel

1. When in traffic, avoid turning your car on and off every time

2. When in traffic, move at a low steady speed

3. Check your tire pressure every two weeks
4. Avoid overloading your vehicle with passengers and good
5. Stick to the speed limit on highways and express roads.
The above fuel saving tips will really go a long way in helping you manage your ⛽ consumption while using your cars at this very expensive period of #145/ liters of fuel

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