Airtel Customer Service Now Live On WhatsApp

Chat live on WhatsApp with Airtel Customer Care

I guess this is the new trend now, MTN was actually the first to introduce it’s customer service on WhatsApp and coincidentally, Airtel seem to have followed suit.
As announced by Airtel in a recent communication:
Airtel Customer Care now on whatsapp
“We are LIVE on WhatsApp. This platform is designed to provide fast and reliable customer service ON THE GO.  Kindly add 

07012631111 as a WhatsApp contact. We’ve got you covered”

So, there you have it. If calling the Airtel customer care and waiting for over an hour just for them to attend to you isn’t working for you, the we recommend you try the WhatsApp live chat, it just could be the best channel to get prompt response. Buh I must warn you, from experience you should know you ain’t the only one they will be attending to online as millions would be trying to get across, so if you didnt get a response, kindly exercise a little patience as you sure will be attended to.
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