Cheapest Data Plans across all Networks in Nigeria For May 2016

Cheap Affordable Internet data plan in Nigeria For may 2016

Its the month of Grace as it is widely referred to, and this month just like the rest wont be left out from cheap Internet browsing, However I will try as much as possible to make it very brief and quick.
Cheapest Data Plans for all Networks in Nigeria

Cheap data plan for MTN in May 2016

Lets assume you haven’t heard of the latest in town now, the MTN suprise data plan that promises #1000 for 1.3GB, however it seems you have to be on either MTN Truetalk or Ipluse to be eligible for this
Mtn Suprise Data of 1.3GB for N1000 and 3.7GB for N2000
To get MtnSuprise for N1000 for 1.3GB, recharge N1000 and send 106 to 131.
To get MtnSuprise for N2000 for 3.7GB recharge N2000 and send 110 to 131.
MTN N150 Or N100 For 6GB / 1GB
This is another interesting but very difficult data plan on MTN to sub for, Mtn really made it difficult and also i have tried to figure out how to be eligible but couldn’t, as mtn only know how they are doing it.
N100 for 1GB / 6GB dial *567*58#
N150 for 1GB / 6GB dial *567*59#

The last but not the least from MTN is the plan that promises 4.5GB for just #2,500, upon successfully subscribing for this plan, you be allocated 3GB of data which runs between 9pm – 6am and also 1.5GB which runs btw 6am-8:59pm, to Subscribe for this, recharge your line with the said amount, and Text 102 to 131. 

However if none of the above MTN plan seems to work for you, as it seems most of it are sim selective you can contact GeeksNG for an MTN SME DATA of 1GB which cost just #1,200, payment made via recharge card and you may check this link for more details :

Cheap data plan for ETISALAT in May 2016

Etisalat is one network is Nigeria, synonymous with high cost of data bundle but with a reasonable internet download, most of the cheats made available for etisalat chat pak all seems to be on holiday just like the great MTN BBLite, however you can still use the chat pak for what it was intended for
For Etisalat Social Me dial *343*6*10# cost N300 for a week.
For Etisalat Chat pack monthly dial *343*6*11# cost N500 monthly.
OR you can dial *200#, select data services, select smart pack, and finally select social media or chat pack and you will see list of the data’s.
Normal etisalat 1GB for N1000 or 2GB for N2000
You will also have to be eligible for this too, first you must receive a message from etisalat about this offer on your sim. Or you can dial the below codes without airtime on your sim sim and if you see insufficient, then you are eligible.
Etisalat 1GB for N1000 dial Dial *229*2*7#
Etisalat 2GB for N2000 dial *229*2*8#

Cheap data plan for Airtel in May 2016

Airtel blackberry 10 plan of N1000 For 3GB seems to be working on Android phone, you can check this Link on How to use Airtel BlackBerry plan on android

Airtel Weekend plan of N100 for 1GB
When all it started it was for almost every one but thereafter it became restricted to a very few airtel subscribers.
To subscribe load N100 and dial Dial *474*1#, if you are luck you will get 1GB for the weekend. Applicable to two weekends.

Cheap data plan for Glo in May 2016

Without much talk about this, you will agree with me that Glo as one of the cheapest data plan bundle for now, but hey, for you to enjoy this it all depends on your area and how good their network coverage is around you, if you notice its that which struggles to give you a single bar, kindly just ignore to avoid regrating
We have a few very cheap bundle on Glo, one of which is the #100 for 1GB you can check here for full details
Similarly, we have other several Glo data bundle you can make use
Other Available Glo Data Plan
N2,500 = 4.5GB 30 days
N3000 = 6GB 30 days
N4000 = 9GB 30 days
N5,000 = 12GB 30 days
N8,000 = 24GB 30 days
N10,000 = 17GB 30 days
N15,000 = 2.5GB 30 days
N18,000 = 21GB 30 days

Check here for how to Subscribe for the above listed plans

Lastly, you can also consider Glo weekend plan which  promises a whooping 1GB of data for N200 ; works between the hours of 12.00am Saturday – 5.00am Monday by dialing *777#.
These are the cheap and quite Affordable Internet data plan in Nigeria For The Month of may 2016.
If the above plan dosnt interest you, you can contact GeeksNG for an MTN SME | ETISALAT SME | Airtel SME DATA of 1GB which cost just #1,200, payment made via recharge card and you may check this link for more details :
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