MTN Xtra Pro & MTN XtraSpecial Becomes MTN Cheapest Call Tarrif Plans

For a while now mtn xtrapro has been one of the best and cheapest tariff plan for call on mtn, the plan was however launched last month along side the mtn xtra special, one of the great benefits of the mtn xtrapro is that it offers you the most affordable call rate and thus making it a perfect replacement for mtn true talk plan.

A perfect replacement for MTN True Talk plan as just been introduced and its no other but thE  MTN Xtra Pro & OF course MTN XtraSpecial , it becomes the latest cheapest call tariff plan available on MTN, While we are busy still battling the various data promo lavished us on by the network providers MTN is saying they are yet to begin.

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MTN XtraPro which is among the very few new MTN cheapest call tariff plan recently introduced, it afford MTN subscribers to call all networks in Nigeria at 11K/Sec (N6.60K/min) upon a daily access fee of N5. However if by your first call of the day you werent charged the daily access fee of N5 due to insufficient airtime, then your calls for that day would be charged at 20K/S (N12/min).

To migrate to MTN XtraPro cheapest call tariff plan, simply dial *401# or text 401 to 131 


mtn cheapest call tarrif plan


  On the other hand we have the MTN XtraSpecial unlike its brother XtraPro, the MTN XtraSpecial comes with a flat rate of call across all networks in Nigeria at 15K/Sec (N9/min) with no daily access fee. Other mouth watering benefits associated with this plan is the ability to put call across to some selected international destination at 15K/S and also 7days free subscription to EPL video service.

To migrate to the MTN XtraSpecial call tariff plans, MTN subscribers are to dial the code *408# or text 408 to 131

MTN Xtra Pro and MTN Xtra Special is the latest new tariff plan introduced by MTN recently to help its subscriber make calls at an affordable rate for the time being.

About MTN Xtra Pro
MTN XtraPro is the new MTN tariff plan that will allow you to make call at 11k/sec (6.60k/Min) on flat rate to all network with a daily access fee of N5 but if in some cases MTN were not able to charge you N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec (N12/Min) with an additional benefit to[b] health tips[/b] for 7 days.

How to Migrate to MTN XtraPro

Simply dial *401# and select 1 to migrate OR sms[b] 401[/b] to 131 

About MTN XtraSpecial
MTN XtraSpecial is also the new Tariff plan that charged its customers at 15k/Sec (N9/Min) on a flat rate basis to all networks in nigeria withno daily access fee and a call to some selected international destination at the same rate above with an additional benefit of 7 days free subscription to[b] EPL Video Service.

Remember first migration to any MTN call tariff plan within a month is free while subsequent migration to other plans before 30days of you last migration to your current plan attract a fee of N100.


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