This is Beautiful; Check out this Flexible Smartphone Set to hit the market soon

Tell me you have seen something as beautiful as this, this is one of the very few beautiful innovations in smartphone world, well get ready this beautiful foldable flexible Smartphone will soon in matter of months hit the smartphone markets.
Foldable Smartphone
A not-too-popular Chinese Smartphone industry is getting set to launch its own Foldable Smartphone this year. The company known as Moxi group but goes by the name Chongqing Grapene Tech Company is planning to ship 100,000 pieces of the devices this year 2016. 
According to the company, it is gonna be a grayscale flexible E link display amazing phone.
These phones can be worn on the wrist as smartwatch but functions completely as an android phone with everything you can get on android devices.
foldable phones
You want to know the price it would go for?

Well dont be scared, it wont retail that much but definitely will cost a bit, According to CCNMoney report, Moxi’s phones will be sold for 5,000 Yuan in China which is equivalently $760. The amazing thing is how the thin flat device contains both the processor, camera, battery etc.
flexible Smartphone
Now you have it all, I wonder the kind of smartphone we will be using come 2030 maybe its not even going to be smartphones any more as I once read a report that smartphone would soon go into extinction, well whether its a yes or no, till then.
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