Ever received those annoying Spam calls or messages, Block them with ease on Android

Unless of course you call or message to inform me about Cheap domain name and hosting or the need for me to use a Cloud backup service you better not spam my inbox with annoying message most especially mtn they can send a spam message, seriously it get so annoying receiving times over times a text telling you to subscribe to music play or fan box, at times they results to calling just to district your right thinking mind, interestingly ncc had to force them to release to her customers a means to opt out from the services responsible.
But then this doesn’t solve it all, at times we also wants to block a particular number either from being able to reach us or probably message us, all Thanks to Android 5.0 lollipop and who made it so easy to block any unwanted call / number without the use of any third party apps. But in case you not using an android 5.0 smartphone you can still block Unwanted Number from calling you
how to block number on android

How to block Unwanted Number Or Spam Messages On Android 5.0

>>> Open your sms or call log
>>>> Locate the number you want to block from receiving messages or call from.
>>> Click open the message you received from the particular number.
>>> press the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.
>>> Click block…… and it will ask you a question, just press okay and there you go you will never receive any message from the number.
If you want to unblock the number, just open your  sms app and click on the three dots on top right corner of your screen, click on blocked numbers and there you will see list of numbers you blocked. Click on anyone and unblock the number.

How to Block Unwanted Number on all Android

>>> First download Mr Number apk and open it.
>>> you will see your call logs.
>>> Click on the number you want and to view more call logs, click more recent.
block Unwanted Number on android
>>> After you click on the number you want, click the block icon at the top right hand corner.
>>> Immediately you clicked on the block icon, it will automatically blocked the number and if you want to unblock it click on the block icon and it will unblock it or if you have list of blocked numbers that you want to unblock, then you do this.
>>> Open Mr Number app and click on the three dots at the right hand corner.
>>> Click “block list and you will see list of blocked numbers. Then you can unblock anyone you want.
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