Best Android Trick to Wirelessly Connect Android Phones to TV; Connecting Android devices to TV made easy

There’s so much fun in using your wide LCD TV to watch your full Android movies, Thou there are very few known ways through which one can connect an android phone to TV one of it is via HDMI chords to mirror your android audio-visual on large TV screen. but connecting to the TV wirelesslycan even be more fun and better option to opt for. This is sure the best alternative to HDMI Chords. with this brilliant idea, you can watch or even stream live matches via your android phone and have it display live full on your TV.


Now you are interested, all you need is Miracast, Then you may want to ask how it works, be patient my friends i have already prepared the best easy guide to achieving this, just follow the instruction bellow

Connect Android Phones to TV Wirelessly

How to connect android to tv

= => You need an android phone that is compatible with the Miracast Technology and fortunately all android versions from 4.2 and above are Miracast or Wireless Display enabled.

= => Your TV has to be Miracast enable and fortunately again most modern TVs these days are Miracast enabled. If your TV is not enabled then you have to opt for the alternative, which is acquiring a piece of Miracast or screen cast dongle that you will insert in your TV 2nd HDMI outlet to make it Miracast enabled.

When the 2 conditions above have been met, you can now follow the simplified steps below to connect the android to your TV.

Connecting Android devices to TV wirelessly

Connect Android Phones to TV

= => Switch on your TV set and leave or change the display to input mode

= => With your android phone now, head to Settings>>display>>cast screen

= => While on the Cast Screen, tap the menu soft key on your phone and select Enable Wireless Display

= => At this point you now wait for it to search and detect the TV Miracast screen, which when detected, it will show it on your phone’s cast sreen

= => All you need to do now when it has displayed the TV Miracast on your phone is to select it and your android device screen will then start displaying on your TV screen

Its that simple, you are done and dusted, Watch it live and enjoy the experience 

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