Mistakenly Deleted your Contact on Android phone ; This is How to recover Deleted Contact on Android

That costly mistake we make at times, either wiping off our android phone unknowingly which literally results to losing most files and data on your smartphone, or incidentally deleted your contact on your phone and it seems they are lost for ever, what if I tell you there’s a way you can restore or recover deleted contacts on android phone, oh yes! You read right, you can recover any deleted contact on your Android devices provided you willing to, its a very simple steps that requires few mins of your time.
Mistakenly Deleting contact happens rarely however if by chance or some unfortunate circumstances you found yourself in such situation there’s hope, you can still recover that which was lost.

How to recover deleted contacts on your Android Phone

recover Deleted Contact on Android
The very best way and easy step to go about this is by using your Gmail account which was Linked with your Android, you would recall you linked your Gmail account with your play store, oh yes, thats one of the things needed, your Android automatically sync all your sim and phone contacts to your Gmail account thus backup your contact for you even when the contact is deleted on your phone mistakenly it will still be in your Gmail account and can be restored; However, we will provide 2 simple ways through which you can restore your deleted contact.
Step 1 Using Google Contacts Features

  • First and foremost, visit this link  https://www.google.com/contacts/  using your native browser, I meant your default android browser or any that suits you, but preferable native browser  Now login with your google account that you have registered in your android device.
  • You will see all your contacts listed, even the ones that got deleted by mistakenly, Now you can explore any of your contacts and save them in your android. 

  Step 2  How to recover deleted contacts on your Android Phone Using Gmail

To restore a backup of your Gmail contacts, go to your inbox and select “Contacts” from the drop down menu on your left hand side.
How to recover Deleted Contact on Android

Once you see the list of your contacts (or not), click on “More” to get to the drop down menu, where you need to select the option “Restore contacts…”.

How to recover Deleted Contact on Android

Now you should see this pop-up window, where you can select a backup of your contact even ones dated back as far as 30days.

As easy as that, you will get all your deleted contacts back to your Android phone contact. If you like this post, don’t forget to hit the share buttons thanks.

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