Mistakenly deleted your message on your Phone Not to worry this is how to recover Deleted Message On Your Android Phone

That awkward moment you incidentally deleted a very important message from your inbox or lets say your bae text message and you like oh my gosh, what do I do now, not to worry dear, no conditions is ever permanent as we have a very good news for you, you can now recover deleted messages or even lost ones On Your Android Phone with ease.
How to recover lost messages

However Lost messages can easily be recovered but then it becomes hard to recover such message when the memory portion in which it was saved is over written by an app update. Interesting enough you need just your phone and pc thereafter follow the steps listed below on how to recover lost messages.

How to recover lost messages.

1. Goto your phone settings and Enable Developer option.
2. Goto developer options then USB DEBUGGING, and tick the box in front of it or swipe the button right depending on your android version
3. Download and install free Wondershare trial and connect your phone to your pc with USB debugging enabled.
4. Launch the wondershare app and follow the prompt to scan and analyze your android device memory.
5. When its done, you can then preview all your deleted and undeleted data on your android phone, Open the message folder, preview and select any message you wish to recover then click Recover at the down side to restore them to your device or rather save them to your pc.
6. Next, open the Messages folder in the left-hand pane, select the messages you wish to recover and click Recover at the bottom right to put them back on your device or save them to your computer.
Note: if you want to complete this process without a PC, you will need root access on your device and, more than likely, a paid recovery app. Feel free to do it that way if you like, but it’s easier (and free) to just use a computer.
The same tools can however be used to recover photos, WhatsApp messages, music and more.
You are done, you can now read your lost/deleted messages again.
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