How To Use WhatsApp on Pc; WhatsApp web

How to use WhatsApp on your computer with ease

often times we get so busy on system  that we dont have that much time to check our phone, messages, and sometimes we get receive massive chats from friends who thought we intentionally ignoring their chats, in situations like this, whatsApp for PC comes very handy and useful, thou we still hoping for a stand alone pc whatsApp version but then what we have we just must make use of it

what you need do in such situation is to open a tab on your computer browser and connect your WhatsApp account, this way you are assured of never missing out on any chats, follow through with this very simple guide on how to run your whatsapp on your computer while your WhatsApp on your smartphones  runs at the same time.

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Steps to To connect your WhatsApp to your computer

To connect your WhatsApp web open WhatsApp application on your phone (of course both your computer and the phone must be connected to the internet) and tap on the options key on your phone, some menu will pop up on your screen, click on WhatsApp Web and a page will come out on your screen showing your camera within your WhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

Now open on your computer’s browser, you will see a QR code on the screen, now you need to scan this QR code to your phone’s current screen. Your WhatsApp interface comes on your PC screen after this.How to Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

How to Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

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