This is Brilliant, have you seen the Automated Selfie Stick; Selfie made absolutely easier

Another Brilliant innovation to making Selfie much easier, cool and of course enticing, this is sure another gadgets to consider if you are one of the Selfie lovers, am sure without any doubt that girls would be so happy about this, imagine you being able to take your Selfie shots with easy.

Automated Selfie Stick
Say bye-bye to those awkward moment you’ll have to stick your hand to your selfie stick which requires a great deal of work just to extend the length of the stick, now with the new automated selfie stick you get to kiss the old ways good bye
Automated Selfie Stick

Imagine being able to automate, not alone this but it also afford you the opportunity to spice it up with LED lights and automated fans? Isn’t this great?? Need I mention you get more stunning images unlike the former.

But quite Unfortunate not so sure if this will be hitting the market anytime soon or should I say am not even sure if it ever will hit the market. This is because the selfie stick was made solely for the purpose of a promo campaign for the upcoming season of the TV series “UnREAL”. But then Maybe, just maybe, it may be pushed out for sale till then we wait

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