Wait a min, Is MTN 3.5GB data for #2000 a Scam or What went wrong

The same question kept bordering me if the almighty MTN 3.5GB data which goes for #2,000 was all a scam or just a strategy to lure customers back to their network, sincerely I dont have an answer to that myself, with great joy I dashed to subscribe for the newly introduced MTN 3.5GB on 12th of May 2016, it all went smoothly, and I was able to use, enjoyed it not until 15th of May, I was surfing the net then suddenly I got the Data Reset redirect on all my webpages, hey…. I almost fainted, I rushed to check my data balance only to see 0MB haaaaaa….


mtn data bundle
mtn 3.5gb data scam


I began to query my Note Smartphone to see which of my apps actually zapped my data, I found non, checked my data usage it hasn’t even gone to 400MB withing those few days, then I knew my data was actually wipped by MTN, immediately placed a call through MTN Customer Care, only to be told they are sorry, well I don’t take sorry for an answer, I called back again, then I got an enticing response.

Mr Sam, we are aware of this issue as many of our customers are experiencing similar problem, however I can see you have about 2.7GB left on your data and this reflects on your line, Kindly check your data Balance by texting 2 to 131, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused ”  

Thanks ooooo I said, I dashed to my text message to do just as instructed, only to see my darling 2.6GB lieing  on Night Plan, this cant be happening, I called back again, same story, I have been calling customers care ever since as a matter of fact since 15th of May to the time of this post, my data still reflects on night plan which makes it unusable not until 9PM, well I had to console myself with SME of 1GB,
mtn wipped off my 3.5GB DATA

The most interesting part is, I thought it was all me, little did I knew that so many are faced with this, I got to know while I was surfing through a friends post on Why cant I trust MTN, Data zapping continues.. by YomiProf

One user said  “Mtn and their Dubious Ways, we really can’t tell what they are really upto.. just watching them in 4GB..

Mr Barrister Chime said “I have checked heaven and earth to see which applications my Samsung note 3 has been downloading but found none. My own data disappear completely plus my credit. Yomi we need another alternative to this. Glo is definitely not an option. EmptyThieves

Another user Mr Ogunbiyi Oluseyi said “I thought I was the only one oo. The data zaps like zapya. this is a scam, I subscribed for the 3.5gig just about 10days ago now I have less than a gig.

see comments below as many customers are just not in good terms with MTN as regard the 3.5GB data, many feels they’ve been scammed, while most cant even put their heads to explain what actually went wrong. Well from me I do hope they get this resolved as fast as possible, cos most people are starting to feel a bit cheated which may result to most of their data users move to other network plans as we all know that the session is full of competition 

mtn 3.5gb data went bad
my mtn 3.5gb data moved to nite plan
mtn 3.5gb data zapping

Well, whats your experience as regard the MTN 3.5GB data, was yours wiped off, or moved to nite plan? Share your experience here.

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  • Of cos my broda it is, if you read my post too well you will see where I stated it seems those who subscribed as at when the data was just introduced were faced with such , I for one, up till date my data still reflects on night plan, since 15th of May, it still reflects on Night, which many others have similar experience, however all my subsequent subscription on that same plan works fine

  • Thank goodness, I tot I was the only one faced with this my data was completely wiped out, no explanation given since, I think most people that did the mtn 3.5GB few days after the launch are those with similar issues

  • Thank goodness, I tot I was the only one faced with this my data was completely wiped out, no explanation given since, I think most people that did the mtn 3.5GB few days after the launch are those with similar issues