Tim Cook, Apple CEO to visit China Government

Apple CEO Tim Cook to visit China Government and party officials

Reports made available by Reuters has shown that Apple CEO Tim Cook will reportedly go to China later this month, He’s visiting a country that has turned out to be an extreme spot for the consumer-electronics giant.
Apple CEO - Tim Cook

Tim Cook meeting with senior Chinese government 

Tim Cook will be meeting with senior Chinese government officials and of course some Communist party leaders, as reported by Reuters, which has nether given the name of those to be met . The Chinese officials includes people in charge of propaganda, the report said.

China has proved very difficult for Apple over the last couple of months. Just recently, the country shut down Apple’s iTunes movie and book services after about seven months of operation. 
Similarly in April, Apple reported its first ever drop in iPhone sales, driven in part by a 26 percent fall in sales in Greater China to $12.5 billion; However some stake holders such as Billionaire investor Carl Icahn just last week sold his stake in Apple, citing concerns about China.
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