Upgrade your Computer to Windows 10 now or Pay $119 Come July

Upgrade all your PC to Windows 10 Now

It would be great you move to Win 10 now while you still can without paying a kobo or risk paying $119 come July 30th. What do I mean, I meant Microsoft is saying free upgrade periods are almost over and by the time it does come to an end Microsoft would begin to charge PC Users $119 (around N36,295 in Naira) for upgrade to Win 10 come July 30th.
Windows 10 Upgrade
Windows 10  which was officially rolled out last year in which within few months after launching, it recorded over 75million users upgraded to the new OS.

Although it is being said that presently, over 300 million users are currently using Windows 10 OS on their PC, Microsoft however aims to attain a billion users within the next 2 or 3 years.
You can actually choose to upgrade your PC running windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 now or before July 29th as Microsoft says the $119 bill will begin effect from the 30th of July. Don’t wait till when you get charge some dollars before you upgrade, upgrade to Windows 10 now while you still can.

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